The US Marine Corp is Great Know It Live It and Believe It

It is amazing indeed that a news story whether right or wrong is so quick to be taken as truth. Even worse when that news story degrades the men and women in the armed forces, such as the recent story in Iraq over the killing of 24 members of a family in a city in Iraq.Unsubstantiated news stories say that the American Troops, US Marines seem to have shot and killed in a massacre a number of Iraqis. Al Jazeera a completely biased news agency, which always misrepresents truth has reported this and many of our citizens have turned this into a political firestorm and accept and believe that news report as truth without verifying it. Let me tell you something right now; The US Marine Corp is Great; Know it, Live it and Believe it. Well, how would I know? Well let's just say I know.

Next, lets ask ourselves why we are not giving our troops the benefit of the doubt straight away until the facts and details are truly known? So far we have news commentators discussing and debating this and liberal politicians saying; See I told you so and calling for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld looking to blame someone.Well if this event did occur then indeed it would have been a war crime and those involved in any possible shooting are the ones to blame. This should not turn into a political event and name calling and trashing on the history of honor and strength of the US Marine Corp is a little unnerving, as we do not even know the facts. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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