Politics in the Media Reading Between the Lines

A vast amount of information is being thrown at the American people at break neck speeds these days, with the election race being at the top of the agenda. One minute we're hearing about this senator, that senator, this mayor or that governor. The human brain is good, but it isn't that good.

It quickly uses what's available which draws upon our individual experiences--our maps. It is now more critical than ever to learn how to adequately sort through all of the information and draw rational, sound conclusions allowing us to take decisive action. The reason it is more important than ever is because we have been at war for quite some time now, and there seems to be yet another war on the horizon--Iran War. Now I can't speak for anyone else, but it is of my opinion that war should be avoided at all costs, wherever possible, namely because of the waste and carnage of the lives of human beings it leaves behind. As a success coach and specialist in NLP, I make it an essential point to stay abreast of all the current events and topics that people deem as significant. I also spend a great deal of time exploring the responses of the people to these issues and news events.

One of the chief ways I do this is by reading the comments posted on the various message boards and in chat rooms. And the conclusions that I've come to as of late, is that our people are very tired. We are angry and upset with all of the events that are taking place, as we are seemingly helpless, and not making many of the decisions that affect us and our children. One of the principle presuppositions of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is that "the map is not the territory.

" What that really means is that everything isn't always as it seems. My beliefs, no matter what the issue will be different from yours. What I believe to be essential and important are going to be different for you.

There is no right or wrong in that; it's just simply what it is. The beliefs and tenets we use to navigate our way through our world essentially is our reality, so if my experience is such that I view certain things to be a certain way, then my map(what I use to arrive at conclusions) is going to be my territory. This kind of thinking will be limiting to my personal growth. I have observed this in people and have helped many overcome. The problem is, they are relying on outdated maps, because as you know these things must change over time in order to effectively serve the people using them. Those responsible for deciding what gets aired, and how have decidedly their own maps as well.

This is the first election cycle in our nation's history when a woman and an African-American are seriously being considered for the highest office in our land---President of the United States. Whether either of them actually takes office is incidental; the key is to realize that this is an apparent sign that the territory has changed; so now our maps must change as well. Now whether we are able to achieve that feat remains to be seen.

The reality is, until we find a way to accomplish this, we collectively will reap many consequences in the not so distant future. ! A Call-To-Action: As you read and listen to the various news media and politicians, learn to read/listen between the lines. Ask yourself, "What are they really saying to me, without exactly saying it?" Tune into, but do not immediately turn on. Use critical thinking skills first and foremost even with those candidates you particularly like. Listen to candidates whose views you do not agree with and pay attention to news sources from different parts of the world.

Whether your chosen candidate wins or not, understand that election cycles are always a time for learning, development and growth. Copyright (c) 2008 Aunice Reed.

Aunice Reed is a Professional Success Coach and NLP Specialist, specializing in Women's Personal Achievement and Self-Discovery Work. Visit:http://www.myunlimitedsuccess.com to learn more.

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