Space Shuttle Good To Go After Fourth of July Holiday

It is good to see that we are launching our Space Shuttle again. Proof that America is so very far advanced as a nation to other nations. With our International Space Station, Mars Rover and talented NASA teams we have clearly gone forward indeed. And in commemoration of our Nations Independence it looks as if the Space Shuttle good To Go after Fourth of July Holiday.

It is truly amazing what America has done in Space.Nevertheless are we cutting the NASA Space Program short on budget needs? Does this make sense? Why on Earth would we be so foolish not to study and continue to pump more dollars into the Space Budget?.We spent 500 Billion Dollars in Iraq to remove one man and two ridiculous sons, heck we could have bought the country for that price and moved in? Saddam and his sons are what three people and 3 bullets cost what $1.35 or something like that? We need to be more efficient with NASA too do not get me wrong, but $500 Billion and $1.

35 is a pretty big difference on my calculator?.Lets move the Space Program and the human race forward and let us get it done now in the present period not 100 years from now, but today in the here and now. Consider this in 2006.

.Lance Winslow.

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By: Lance Winslow

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