Indonesia Tsunami Aftermath and the Environmental Disaster

It is amazing how the World came together to help the victims of the Sumatra Earthquake. Billions of dollars poured into the region and it was a Herculean Effort indeed. Even two former Presidents got together in a non-partisan funds drive to secure the help needed.

And the United States brought in Cargo Ships, Helicopters and water making vessels to assist.But what is happening now? Well some say that the region is an environmental disaster and this issue came up in an online think tank recently as Karishma in regards to the environmental disaster caused by the Indonesia Tsunami states;.".

. .and today when things have subsided there is yet no framework or system that provides some form of environmental security some assurance that a better environment can secure a better future. .

.as this is my contribution to think tank, it would be great if anyone could suggest to me good reading material on environment, its importance and its effects to our lives. . .looking forward for more.!".

I see so you have a solution to the environmental disaster and wish to set up framework to insure that the people there and the environment can continue to prosper into the future and are concerned that nothing is being done? It is a problem when an issue is in the mass media and then the media subsides and the assistance goes away. We must make sure that when we rebuild areas that we are careful to insure their on-going vitality into the next period and part of that of course is making sure the environmental issues are secure. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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