Bloggers Supporting International Terrorists

There are a number of people out there who are cheering on Hamas, Iran and others in Blogs on the Internet. In fact they use sound bytes from our media in the US both newspapers and television to make their point. Of course they take the most outrageous quotes and blow them out of proportion. But what is interesting is how they attempt to use our public opinion as a spring-board to manipulate us against ourselves.Recently after participating on an online forum Blog, I finally just had to ask the question of the detractor of liberty, freedom and democracy and stated;.

You seem to support International Terrorism, Hamas and their homicidal attacks on innocent life in Israel. Yet on the other hand you do not see that Israel has a right to live peacefully. Why do you support murderous acts of violence against Jews? Why to you condone the bus bombings of suicide murders?.

Why do you support Hamas recruiting kids with down syndrome to become suicide bombers? Why do you constantly diminish President Bush who has previously made sure that monetary support go to Palestinians previously before they voted into office the International Terrorist Party?.Why do you deny that Israel has a right to exist? Why do you believe Israel does not have the right to defend its people against these murderous attacks? What I really want to know is; why do you hate so much; why do you hate Jews? Why are you not coming clean here? Tell us Inquiring minds want to hear this rational of yours as you support International Terrorists and murderers?.

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By: Lance Winslow

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