US Navy SEALs Myths Legends and Truths

Formally founded in the 1960's with their origins dating back to the bombing of Pearl Harbor in the early 40's, the Navy SEALs (an abbreviation of 'Sea, Air, and Land') is truly an enigmatic group. The US Navy SEALs are the special elite force that most individuals only dream to be able to join. To a lot of people the mere mention conjures up imagery of covert operations and heroic reconnaissance missions; and while a lot of men aspire to be a part of it, few even survive the grueling training required to make the cut.

The records of the US Navy SEALs are filled with numerous stories of successful missions, daring rescues, and phenomenal feats so much so that there are myths and legends out there that need to be separated to highlight the truth. Myth About Women Navy SEALs You've probably heard some people say they know women who are Navy SEALs, well the truth is there are no women Navy SEALs, chances are they are talking about a woman marine. The truth is the Navy SEALs do not recruit women; few men, let alone women are capable of passing the stringent physical fitness requirements that it takes to become a SEAL. Hell Week During the rigorous training for basic conditioning to become a Navy SEAL the fourth week is known as the legendary "Hell Week". During this period students are subject to five days and five nights of relentless training with a total of only four hours of sleep.

Extreme training and obedience to orders during this five and a half day period are vital elements of a Navy SEAL's training to ensure that for future operations are not compromised and that the US Navy SEALs are able to function oblivious to temperature, terrain or personal physical comfort. Legends World renowned as probably one of the toughest Special Forces programs to complete the Navy SEALs have turned out several individuals who are legends by their own right thanks to former training, discipline and skills acquired through various mission as Navy SEALs. Former Navy SEALs like Richard Marcinko, Chris Cassidy, Jesse Ventura and Chuck Pfarrer, to name a few, are veterans that have accomplished a great deal and have literally raised the bar of achievement through their successes. The Reality Joining the US Navy SEALs is no doubt tough and the reputation of being one of the hardest programs to pursue in the America is undoubtedly a challenge to invite the very best who seek the Navy SEAL label.

Only after completing normal Navy training do SEALs get to volunteer for the Navy SEAL training program. However the rigorous training and mission requirements often result in a lot of volunteers being unable to cope with the demands of being a SEAL and ultimately dropping out, while the determined ones take on the SEAL training program more than once in a bid to succeed.

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