The Commander In Chief Has The Vapors Again

The Forty Second (42nd) President of The United States of America and his loving spouse must remember that although they currently reside in New York and rub elbows with high society they are the Clintons from Arkansas - not the Kennedy's from Massachusetts. Bill Clinton having made the point, speaking on the stump in the 2008 Presidential campaign, that he cannot make Hillary younger and that he can't make her male, must surely understand that he can't bequeath her Presidential experience or powers by osmosis or any other means. The lady from Arkansas who would not bake cookies found herself playing a stewardess on "Hill One" and serving donoughts to the press minions. So she may have limited experience as a waitress, and that could serve her well in the future. At least, she has proven herself to be a mediocre actress who just might have the ability to weep on cue. Perhaps it can be put in terms the Clintons can understand if they can visualize the Razor Backs.

The Arkansas football team has an equipment manager and a water boy among others, and these kids rub elbows with the coaching staff, the real players, and the quarterback but in the final analysis irrespective of their team and personal pride they are easily replaceable support staff - not the team stars. Occasionally these kids get caught up in the whole heady experience and forget their place. Caught up in the moment they imagine themselves kings and king makers; and thinking they run things, they begin to usurp those titles and powers that belong to others.

Finding it easier to usurp work accomplished by others and assume their accolades than to earn your own, they at least try to do just that until the young lady who is unlucky enough to be the object of their affections is forced to put them in their place. Having pushed, intimidated, and bullied their way through life the Clintons apparently actually thought they had replaced the Kennedy's as America's premier political family. They assumed and usurped Jack Kennedy's mantle until his brother Ted Kennedy, the Senator from Massachusetts publicly anointed another.

Suddenly the would be Commander In Chief who insists she wears the pants suits in her house suffers from the southern lady syndrome and suffering from the vapors comes out weeping appropriately to evoke the heart stings of any gentleman. It is inconceivable to the Tennessee Mountain Man that one can simultaneously be both the tough experienced Commander In Chief of the earth's only super power and a wilting violent in need of a woman's wiles to get her way. Itis nothing short of illusion and witchcraft. Twenty Eight (28) years of Bush and Clinton are more than enough for the computerman. America is ready for and wants a new direction.

new blood. new leadership. If they were running again for the highest office in the land in any other country, America (democrats and republicans alike) would be up in arms.

The Computer Man is reminded of the fire storm surrounding the George and Lurleen Wallace comedy hour. Does America want that scenario for the nation? Have we learned nothing? Or, are we simply so politically correct and self loathing that we can't help ourselves? No matter which way the country goes, it is back to the future! The remote help desk team believes the question to be, do we want Kennedy's Camelot or Clinton's chicanery. Does the United States want the visionary Kennedy's hope or Clinton's divisiveness with no inspiration? On the other hand there is a grumpy, angry, old white man for those who don't know who they are or where they stand on any particular issue from day to day.

Perhaps if Hillary would just buck up and stop whining to MSNBC and the public. She could take a lesson from the Tennessee Mountain Man's girlfriend who on coming across the Mountain Man in a lounge with another young lady and reading too much into the situation, swayed up to the bar and placing her hands on his leg thrust her tongue into his ear. Then whispered, "Honey, make me jealous.

If I get jealous, I get hurt and then I get over it. But, please, don't make me mad. Because if I get angry, I will snatch that bitch off that bar stool and mop up the floor with her.

Then I will jerk her up by hair of her head and beat you with what is left." No matter what your politics, that is the "the straight talk express". How many times must the world see Hillary melt in her mint julep suffering the vapors to plead her case and persuade the masses? Surely Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (محمود احمدی‌نژا) and Osama bin Muhammad bin 'Awad bin Laden ( أسامة بن محمد بن عوض بن لادن‎; ) were duly impressed.

Burk Pendergrass, J.D., a Cherokee Indian and Viet Nam Vet specializing in computerman website design and remote online computer repair
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