Term Limits Already Exist - There seems to be a renewed call among my acquaintances for term limits on Congressmen.

Immigration Woes Part Three - The second government agency involved in the immigration process is the National Visa Center (NVC).

Bush Administration and the Road to Alternative Fuels - Some of the political rhetoric from the opposing political party is quite alarming in that the Democrats are attacking the Bush Administration for their alternative fuel views.

American Exceptionalism and American International Security Policy After September - This paper is not to judge exceptionalism and to find whether it is good or not; rather it is to survey exceptionalism as Americans? difference with others.

Were Dubyas Inane Responses Presidential or Deliberately Engineered Non Sequitors - The startling facts which have recently surfaced in our nation?s capitol about Dubya?s dilatory response to clear and concise information received from federal-disaster officials, concerning the imminent danger that Hurricane Katrina posed to thou.

Million Illegal Aliens or Million Which is It - Most Americans and the United States government have no idea how many illegal aliens are actually in the country.

Does Anything Make Any Sense Anymore Part - ?I?m mad as Hell and I?m not going to take it anymore.

America Painting The White House Red - Maybe we should paint the White House red .

Does the United States Use Propaganda On Its People - Some say that the United States of America is constantly making propaganda and even using it on its own people.

Retired Generals Should We Listen to Them - Should we listen to retired Generals who speak against the President's Administration? We trusted them while they were on active duty to protect the American People right? Well? Should we listen to what the have to say? This is now a political deb.

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