Does the United States Use Propaganda On Its People

Some say that the United States of America is constantly making propaganda and even using it on its own people. Some say this is very dishonest and indeed not right because often this propaganda crosses all line of ethics. Some say that the US uses propaganda against the Middle East too.

One person has stated;."People of the West have been brain wash with U.S propaganda against East for last 100 years and they can't see neither been shown all the thing they do to the people of that regents just for financial or political benefit.

".All nations and government use some sort of PR propaganda on their civilizations, I believe this is because governments are run by humans and humans are predictable in that way when they get into political power situations, they attempt to stay in power and control. This appears to be part of their genetic make-up and perhaps comes from evolutionary breeding of the survival of the fittest and smartest of the troop, tribe, society or modern civilization.However regarding brain washing; the lunatic fringe of the Iranian leadership is using fanatical and radical fundamentalism of religion to unite his masses and he has chosen the Western World as his enemy and he plans and promises to use International Terrorism to cause bombing on civilian human populations, even nuclear bombings once he devises these weapons. Indeed he has purchased high-tech missile platforms from China, to mount nuclear warheads on top to "blow off the map" as he states Israel with I presume a swarm of missiles all at once to overwhelm any potential defense.The United States of America is by far the greatest single civilization ever created in the history of the humankind.

It is a wonderful place to live and must be protected from harm at all costs for the forward progression of the species. So, with out saying who is right and who is wrong, we must all realize that all governments use PR on their own people to promote a sense of nationalism and sometimes to cover their tracks too. Unfortunate perhaps, but in the current paradigm indeed that is what is being done in the present period and all governments do it. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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