Tibor Rubin Symbolic Significance

The Medal of Honor serves as a recognition award and tribute awarded to the battle heroes of America, for displaying marked valor and intrepidity during times of war. Mr. Tibor (Ted) Rubin was awarded with the Medal of Honor for the Korean War on September 23, 2005 during a White House Ceremony. His inherent capabilities made him an outstanding soldier From July 23, 1950 to April 20, 1953; Corporal Tibor Rubin displayed outstanding valor, selfless dedication, commitment and bravery on the war front; thereby epitomizing nobility of service to his nation; which shall always be treasured and remembered eternally in the annals of history.

Therefore, he was awarded with the Medal of Honor. A task accomplished with undaunted courage While his 8th Cavalry Regiment was withdrawing to the Pusan Perimeter, Tibor Rubin was assigned with the duty to stay back and guard the significant Taegu-Pusan road which was to be used by his retreating unit of troops. Henceforth, a bloody battle ensued during which a staggering number of North Korean troops attacked a hill which was being defended by Tibor Rubin single-handedly.

He displayed skilled marksmanship during the 24 hour battle and was able to bring down the attacking forces; thereby slowing down their advance. His Navy SEALs unit was thus able to accomplish their retreat successfully. After having withdrawn completely from the Pusan Perimeter, the unit headed northward advancing into North Korea. The Sudden Assault A rather unforeseen nighttime attack came on October 30, 1950; when his unit at Unsan, North Korea was attacked by the opponents. To take charge of the situation, Rubin manned a .30 caliber machinegun during that night as well as throughout the next day; until he ran out of ammunition.

He was instrumental in slowing down the advance of the attacking force within his territory which allowed his remaining unit to withdraw southward. The war reached a peak, and Tibor Rubin sustained combat injuries and was severely wounded, and subsequently captured by the Chinese forces. The Chinese forces offered him to return to his native land of Hungary. A lantern in the dark: selfless commitment Even while in prison, Tibor displayed immense selfless dedication and risked his own life and used to slip out of the camp during night time in order to search for food for his fellow inmates. Not only was he instrumental in providing food for his famished comrades; but Rubin also offered immense moral support as well as medical care and assistance for the sick and wounded Prisoners of War.

By showing gallant acts as well as nobility of service; he distinguished himself as an exemplary soldier and citizen and this is held in the highest tradition of military service.

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