Democrats Here is Your Platform Its Time for a Change

Jesus Christ called the Religious and Political Leaders of his time "Blind Guides". The United States of America has been led so blindly into imminent disaster by George W. Bush and the Republican Party that the US is now looking like the Titanic hurtling into the Iceberg about to go down and take the rest of the world with it. The US has so many enormous problems that a child could defeat the Republicans, but the leaders of the Democratic Party are such a bunch of bumbling fools that they are tripping all over themselves like drunks in Times Square on New Years Eve.

We are now beginning the countdown to the 2008 Presidential election and the Democrats do not even have a platform and they are busy fighting among themselves. Karl Rove cannot deal with the big issues like Iraq and the Deficit and Global Warming and so he wraps the Republicans up in the flag and attacks the New York Times. Let me now dismantle this leaky midget and right the Democratic ship.The scenario we are now facing is very similar to the scene in "The American President" when President Michael Douglas finally decides to take a stand and says to the challenger Richard Dreyfuss, "These are serious times and you are way out of your league." The Democrats need to clean house and bring in some tough white male brilliant candidate because not one red state will vote for a black man or Hillary Clinton. The racism is just too inbred, even if Barak Obama is the best choice.

Hilary has too much baggage, no platform, and the US is involved in a war. The US will not elect a woman.Now lets get to the platform. Lets start at the beginning. Lets start with the spiritual leader of the United States of America, Jesus Christ, "Mr.

I am the truth!" An overwhelming majority of Americans know that they were misled into the war in Iraq by deliberate Republican lies and they want the troops to come home. It is now time to play the integrity card. "How can you trust a Republican? They misled us into another Vietnam.

Lets redeploy the troops back a bit into Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and let the Iraqis sort out their own problems. This war has already cost us 3,000 soldiers, and another 17,000 American men and women have had their arms and legs blown off. How did the Republicans hijack Jesus Christ exclusively to themselves? Jesus wants us out of Iraq! Jesus was the Prince of Peace! Jesus was a total Pacifist! Jesus commanded us to turn the other cheek, not to hit back even in self defense! We are a Christian country and this war goes against everything that Jesus Christ stood for! We Democrats go to Church! We are leaving Iraq now! It's Time for a Change!".Who gave the Republicans the morality issue? Is it moral to attack a country for deceitful reasons and then proceed to massacre 50,000 innocent civilian Muslim men, women and children? Leaving Iraq now will help build a bridge between the Christian and Muslim people who all believe in the same God who handed the 10 commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai 3,200 years ago, including "Don't Murder!" Who gave the Republicans the American flag? The Democratic candidate needs to wrap himself up in the Star Spangled Banner, so tarnished across the globe by the Republican Party. The Republicans claim to be Pro Life. Aren't innocent Iraqi Muslim children lives?.

Karl Rove has tapped into our basest instinct, our killer instinct, our blood lust, to the point where the President declared a Crusade against Islam and he is now carrying it out! What's next, another 300 year Inquisition against his own people? The Republicans are calling the Muslims Islamo ? Fascists! They believe that Islam is Nazi Germany and the United States is France about to be taken over by Hitler in 1940. The Bush family and the Bin Laden family jointly own the Carlysle Group which makes the tanks, and Unocal the oil company, and Halliburton. The BushCo corruption and fear mongering and war mongering has made the Bush family enormously wealthy at the expense of the entire country. Exxon Executives are running the White House, the Republican Congress and the Supreme Court! It's Time for a Change! Lets bring in a tough as nails straight shooting Democrat who will say to all the countries of the world, "If you dare touch the United States of America in any way I will unleash the full nuclear, biological and chemical arsenal of the United States of America upon you and immediately wipe your country off the face of the earth forever! The United States of America has stopped fighting with its hands tied behind its backs.

Jesus Christ said, "I have not come to bring you Peace but the Sword! It's Time for a Change!".The Democratic Candidate must say to the people of the United States: "Being President is like being a parent. It is not a popularity contest. Sometimes it requires the parent to discipline the child to protect the child.

Sometimes the people must be called upon to sacrifice, like Jesus on the cross. Karl Rove has branded Democrats as tax hikers and demonized the term. This snake oil salesman with his trillion dollar tax cut, his trillion dollar war in Iraq, has taken the Clinton Surplus and turned it into the Bush Bankruptcy of the United States of America, as he and his father and their oil and defense contractor friends have sat on the board of the House of Saud and filled their Swiss bank accounts with billions! Because our country is now teetering on the brink of bankruptcy all of our social programs including education, health, and social security are in danger. The Republicans got us all into this mess. Now they are abolishing estate taxes to cost us another trillion dollars. How many meals a day can Karl Rove eat? We must raise taxes now, get out of Iraq, and dramatically reduce spending before our treasury bills, your life's savings become junk bonds.

The Republican Party has brought us right to the brink of another Great Depression! It's Time for a Change! We must save ourselves!"."And finally let me say this. Stephen Hawking the greatest scientist alive recently warned that global warming due to the burning of fossil fuels and now the thawing of the permafrost threatens the existence of life on earth forever. The only people who disagree are the White House and Congress Exxon Executives. Big oil finances their campaigns and they have sold you and your children out.

The US spews 25% of the world's pollution into the air. The Republicans have taken control of the networks, the newspapers, and are now poised to censor the internet, so that only their filthy lies and propaganda will hit your ears. When global warming melts the polar Ice Caps in the near future, and it is well underway, every coastal city on earth will be submerged under 50 feet of water as the melting Ice turns into water and raises the level of the earth's one ocean by 50 feet. The earth only has 40 years of oil left anyway.

I will ban SUV's like your President drives, and only allow American car manufacturers to produce tiny fuel efficient hybrid cars. This should save General Motors and Ford from being wiped out by the foreign competition. I will invest heavily in solar energy, and wind energy and bicycles.

These are serious times. Every nuclear scientist on earth knows that Nuclear World War 3 our present heading and its aftermath nuclear winter then ultraviolet summer will have zero survivors. World Peace is our only chance to survive. The question is not did we evolve, but will we evolve into a peaceful species in order to survive. By definition if 200 ambassadors at the United Nations raise their hands for world peace, we can have world peace overnight. I personally will spend a great deal of my time at the United Nations educating the ambassadors to this fact, and I will make the Prince of Peace proud, or die trying.

The Time has come for a Change! We must save ourselves!".

.Karen Fish is a writer currently living in Los Angeles California.

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By: Karen Fish

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