Air Force Ammo Troops And Weapons Loader

Ammo troops are the grunts of the Air Force, bottom of the barrel right above security forces and right below Armament. I'm Armament, so I can't really say much. Just like to take my chance to rag on my rivals! Ammo is the greatest job in the Air Force.

My best years were working on munitions, and I have done it all. Yet, with out the ammo, the planes would be flying around a desert with nothing (no one even mentions kamikaze.), and the marines that called in the Arial support would be screwed. They may be grunts, but id say pretty important grunts. You see those planes would still be flying around without bombs and bullets even if ammo delivered the munitions if Weapons were not there to load them on the A/C. By the way if you aren't ammo You are waiting on them.

I have been in this game longer than you and I have done your job. I have processed 30mm ammo and built bombs from the ground up. Weapons train to do parts of your job too! During DS 1 when our MK82's were delivered with the arming loops in the wrong configuration do you think we called ammo to fix them? We are trained to install fuses, wire, install F.Z.U.

's, fin assemblies, the list goes on. I was an ammo aggie. However you will never load an aircraft. I have waited on ammo some and they have waited on me. If you think about it everyone still has to wait for someone or other. You can't get a aircraft up without clearance and so forth and so forth.

So like I said waiting is what everyone dose. No matter what job you got! Both sides show a little ignorance as to each others jobs. I've been in loading for almost 20 years and can honestly say it takes both jobs.

We (weapons load) need ammo to build our bombs and deliver them and they need us to load them and on occasion reconfigure them (move swivels and loops, change fuse settings, and even frequencies on G.C.U.

's). With out them we'd have nothing to load and with out us they'd have a flight line full of 110 and 141 trailers full of bombs. If the Air Force wanted us to do each others job we'd be one career field you'd build your own bombs crave them to the flight line, prep your jet, load your jest and then wait for O.P.

's to change the frag. That my friends would make for a very long day. Loaders can't load with out munitions and munitions weapons sit on the trailers without loaders. It takes both sides.

Actually I don't know why the Air Force doesn't do it like the Navy and have both career fields as one (Aviation Ordinance) they build and load. Everyone has something to complain about when it comes to other unites that I know for a fact it is just how it goes and no one can do a thing to change it. Every unit thinks that they are better then someone else , but what they don't know is that when the time come to it they can be the best thing that happens to you weather you know it or not.

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