Palestinians Do Not Have Enough Money for Weapons

Imagine how I felt to read this; Palestinians do not have enough money for weapons; on a popular political Internet Blog. This post was made by a Hamas sympathizer who approved of the suicide murdering bombers, which have blown up buses, discos, hotels and restruarants in Israel. Well in reading this I had to reply and say;.

Good! Too bad Iran is assisting them and now funding Hamas. All international terrorists are bad. Hamas blows up buses, discos and hotel lobbies in Israel. Al Quaeda did 9-11. It is all International Terrorism and needs to stop.

If they will not stop they must be made dead. We must protect our nation, innocent people and Israel has every right to defend them selves, do not cloud the issue or combine my sentences out of context, with your spewing of hate towards Jews or misdirection to those who are ignorant to the facts.International Terrorism is International Terrorism, I really do not care who is doing it or sponsoring it. It must stop and if that takes force, then we must give them hell on Earth for them and not back down ever.

If Iran is sponsoring insurgents and International Terrorists in Iraq then they must be dealt with. If Iran puts money into the war chest of Hamas, then it too is liable for every innocent life Hamas takes. We must as a World stand united against International Terrorism and not be deterred by misinformation. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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