How To Really Save Planet Earth A Test About Al Gore

If you really want to bring the Earth back from the brink of disaster, who should you be listening to? A. Al Gore of "Live Earth" and "An Inconvenient Truth" B. Diane Sawyer of ABC's "Seven Ways to Help Save the World" C. Michael Brune of "Rain Forest Action Network" D.

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck of "CNN Headline News" "An Inconvenient Truth" left out the most inconvenient truth of all, and the Live Earth concerts were an environmental joke (and the music was really bad, too). Ms. Sawyer's suggestion to cut back on toilet paper is a bit of poo itself. Then, with a golden opportunity to enlighten and empower Americans, Michael Brune of the Rain Forest Action Network only highlighted the problem with even our "environmental" groups. Therefore, and by way of deductive reasoning, the answer must be ? and is ? (drum roll, please) ? Glenn Beck.

Yep, that's right. Glenn Beck, the ultra-conservative, speaks out on CNN Headline News while interviewing Michael Brune and tells people how to really save the environment. In speaking about the Live Earth concerts, Glenn said, "There's nowhere in here about vegetarianism or anything like that, that would make a real impact on the environment . It is animal gases that produce more CO2 than any of the cars we're driving." To which Michael Brune disagreed. Michael? HUH? Earth to Michael ? Come in, Michael.

The fact is, a HUGE portion of our environmental problems come from eating meat and dairy (and from producing meat and dairy), and Glenn Beck, of all people, hit the nail square on the head. Global warming, rain forest destruction, coral reefs dying off, topsoil erosion, poisoned water and polluted air are all a result of animal agriculture, and everybody ? including our "environmental" groups ? refuses to connect these dots. Thanks, Glenn, for doing what Al Gore, Diane Sawyer and even Michael Brune have refused to do. "A report released by the U.

N. Food and Agriculture Organization last November charged that raising livestock produced more "greenhouse gases" globally than the international transportation system." http://www.crosswalk.com/news/11543779/ The U.N.

report tells of a tragedy in the making on everyone's dinner plates, and it doesn't stop there; global warming concerns are now keeping kids up at night. http://www.gm.tv/index.

cfm?articleid=24717 Kids, and all Americans, need to know that they are the empowered ones. This is not a political or governmental issue. WE, each of us, has a hand in global warming, and, therefore, its cure. If we stop eating animals and their secretions, we will stop killing the planet. It is as simple as that. Concerts galore, one million TV shows on the "Top Seven Ways .

" and pseudo-environmentalists be damned. Without veganism for all people, nothing else can possibly save our doomed planet. The great news is, if we each switch to eating a vegan diet, we will no longer have to "save the planet." Veganism allows the planet to save itself. Major kudos to Glenn Beck.

Jeff Popick, known as "The Vegan Sage," is a keen visionary & a leading expert on the diverse effects our diet has on our health & environment. Jeff is putting together a contest for students with a grand prize of one million dollars called "The Great Earth Contest," aimed at enlightening kids on the cause of our planet’s problems - and the real solution. For more info, go to www.JeffPopick.com.

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