The Cult In Multiculturalism

Presidential hopeful John McCain went to New York City's New School to give a commencement address. Not too unexpectedly, he was met with sarcastic comments, a few jeers and some pompous back turning.Condoleezza Rice also gave a speech recently at Boston College. She, too, was met with some sarcastic comments, jeers, back turning and banners de-crying the war in Iraq.What is going on here that two Republicans speaking at colleges would receive mean-spirited reprisals? Is it simply due to freedom of speech, an opposition to war, or is there something much deeper that gives tacit approval to denounce "certain" people and back-off others?.In McCain's case, he was hit with comments like, "We're graduating, not voting.

" Other lovely quotes like, "It's not about you, it's about me" were also used. Hmmmmmm. Obviously these kids are trying to tell McCain not to use politics as his platform at the event. Now is this due to their being so ethical or is it due to the college being a place of left-wing political thought like so many colleges in this nation? We all know which one.

Let's change the name McCain to Clinton. Does anyone seriously think Bill or Hillary(Billary) would hear a thing at the New School that was negative? Please. Those same students with their mean-spirited comments would suddenly say stuff like, "Gee, what was said today really makes you think about this world and my place in it.

" Blah, blah, blah.Liberals, left-wingers, communists give speeches at colleges all the time. Virtually all are accepted without a blink.

Politics is mentioned constantly. People from the Clintons to the Kennedys to the Jacksons speak at college campuses throughout this nation and make big bucks doing it. Even lesser-known people representing illegal aliens, so-called "civil-rights" activists and even gang members give speeches at colleges. Few jeers or back turning.But when we get the occasional Supreme Court Justice who is conservative or if we get even a moderate Republican, then suddenly manners fly out the window. This is due to a continual brainwashing of the young at campuses.

People like Justice Scalia or Thomas are viewed as the "enemy" that must be stopped. Patrick Buchanan or Pat Robertson are viewed as alien creatures by kids attending schools like New School or New York University or a million others. Suddenly these guys need to be "shut down.

" It's so pathetic and arrogant. Then again, that is what multiculturalism is all about.Of course, this extends into so many other areas of life. There is a "race case" going on in New York City.

About a year ago a kid named Nick Minucci chased out a few black kids from Howard Beach, Queens, a neighborhood known for another race case about twenty years ago where white kids chased out some blacks from the neighborhood and one of the victims was killed after being hit by a car. In the current case, Minucci(aka Fat Nick) took a baseball bat and hit one of the victims all over his body. He used racial epithets during the beating. But things are not so clear.

The young black guys entering the mostly white neighborhood admitted they were looking to steal cars that night in the area. Minucci claims they were looking to steal a chain off of him and he got some of his friends and chased the black guys out of the area culminating in one of the black guys taking a beating.When Fat Nick was arrested in the case, he was immediately hit with a hate-crimes charge which brings extra time in jail. Since he was on probation from another incident several years before, he was thrown in jail in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. He has sat there for nearly a year awaiting trial.

A bail proceeding nearly agreed to was quashed by a judge.Compare that with the case of the recent killing of a young white man in Harlem by the name of John Hehman. Hehman was visiting a friend in the area and was known as a great guy.

Several young black kids were robbing people in the area and saw him as an easy mark. Hehman had just given money to a wheelchair-bound person when he was set upon. They grabbed him and punched him in his face.

He broke free from the mob who was yelling "get the whiteboy." Totally terrified, Hehman ran into traffic and was hit by a car. He later died.The youths in this case lucked out. Since they are in their early teens, they will not be charged as adults. Slippery legal language gets them little punishment, too.

Worse, the police deemed this no hate-crime. They said robbery was the main motive and that's that.Anyone with sanity knows the obvious: New York City is a multicultural, politically-correct town as are so many cities. A white kid saying anything racial or committing an act on someone "of color" will get hit much harder than the opposite which is far more common. No politicians or protesters will be there for someone like John Hehman. District attorneys do not feel the heat as much.

Someone like Fat Nick brings out the wolves. Politicians, media and "civil-wrongs" groups pop-up out of the woodwork with their combination gutless and racist agenda. One guy sits in a jail cell for 23 hours a day like he is a member of Al-Qeada while the others get tagged as "knuckleheads" or "not bad kids" despite them being responsible for the death of a human being.

Dishonesty has ruled for so long that people have no clue what is right. Multiculturalism has no place for white men, Republicans or enforcement. It has plenty of space for deceit, agitation, never-ending excuse making, people of color with the "right" views, etc. It has no place for facts. It wants our borders to be bombarded with illegal aliens. It hates traditions.

Guys like McCain and Robertson are hated in such an environment.To hear the word multiculturalism should make most people very tense. It sounds nice on paper but the agenda is evil.

A good guy named McCain suffered because he is outside that agenda. A not-so-good-guy named Minucci is being treated like Bin-Laden because he absolutely does not represent the agenda. Low-down "youths" who kill a white guy are far more tolerated. Multiculturalism is a cult like Jim Jones' followers or the people at Waco, Texas blown away by enforcement agents.You either represent all Americans or you don't.

Multiculturalism does not and never will.

.Robert Carberry is a freelance writer from New York.

By: Robert Carberry

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