Conservative or Liberal

There are two main reasons people call themselves Republicans instead of the more compassionate Democrats. Conservatives see the world in black and white while liberals are aware that the real world comes in shades of gray. Nothing is really in black and white, except a tuxedo.The first reason for declaring oneself a Republican is a justification for selfishness.

Voting Republican gives permission to be uncaring and looking out for number one. The current administration has demonstrated astonishing greed. Democrats are just more caring people who would go out of their way to help someone in need than step all over them. Democrats show compassion to those who could do them absolutely no good or no harm.

Republicans are opportunists.the politicians, lawyers and corporate America. Those at the top income level, those hoping to be at that income level or those who make money off the top income level. These people vote with their pocketbook (as most of us do) but they will not admit it, they will say it is for moral reasons.The second reason is being confused about the role of religion in government.

Neither God nor Jesus is or was a Republican. After reading anything about Jesus it is truly amazing that anyone would think he would have chosen the Republican way. Just read the red writing in the Bible.

Jesus never condemned the poor like conservatives do. He would have been more the Oprah Winfrey type than the Dick Cheney type. These are the truly religious Americans who are slightly to horribly self-righteous.they honestly think they are doing the right thing. They believe church propaganda but do not really know much about politics.

These people truly believe that any people with different beliefs other than their own are evil and anti-American. A lot of these people where raised this way and do not know any better. These people actually like George W. Bush and still like him no matter what he does.

He lies continuosly and does moronic things consistantly; they still think he is a good guy.If an individual is raised with a certain set of values and thinks differently than their parents, it is rare. Uneducated people are especially prone to thinking just like Mom and Dad, whether it is about religion or politics. These people use the term "liberal" for anyone who disagrees with the whole conservative mindset.

The L-word has become an insult in the Republican world; even though liberalism is a good thing! It is juvenille and getting old to hear these constant insults that are not even insults at all. One of the main concerns of Jesus was helping the poor. Republicans want to take from the poor to protect tax cuts for the rich. Now who has higher moral values?.

.Jackie Wellman

By: Jackie Wellman

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