Americans Defend Against Tyrany

When anti-American organizations and demonstrators march through our city streets spewing hatred and venom, many Americans simply shrug their shoulders, assuming without question that the streets belong to the malcontents. As a soldier, I can't believe or accept anything such as this. I don't believe that any part of our cities or streets should be given to the enemy.

I ignore the idea that we should, just because it has always been done that way. As we saw a generation ago, street theater can be turned into political muscle, especially when most of the country's voters remain uninformed on the facts, and we have a weak-kneed Congress. The late President Nixon in the 60's and 70's questioned the commitment of the "Silent Conservative Majority" in our country as the very loud and vocal minority used our media to create an impression in America that they are the powerful and hold the moral high position. Congress abandoned our allies in South East Asia because of the pressure of the street theater crowd with thier media conspired fraud. The misguided policy of our Congress supported the communists murderous campaign in Southeast Asia, "Kerry Lied and Millions Died".

The previous generation's shameful history of ceding the battlefield on the home front, while our warriors were winning all the battles in Vietnam, will not be repeated as a stain and dishonor on current warriors defending our freedom. Kerry's Vietnam Veterans Against the War has morphed into a gaggle of mimics, calling themselves Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). Using Kerry's pro-communist VVAW as a model and Kerry as a mentor, the IVAW intends to hold a "Winter Soldier Investigation" on March 14, in Silver Springs, Maryland, alleging, as Kerry did in 1971, that US troops of this generation are war criminals. A new voice in being heard on the home front.

Eagles UP, http://www.eaglesup.us along with many other pro troop groups will be in town to counter the lies that IVAW will try to sell to America.

The truth will be heard and we will expose the IVAW for what it is. The anti America crowd will be required to prove their anti America banter. Support America, learn more at www.eaglesup.us.

Col. Riley (US Army, retired) served in uniform for 34 years. He has received the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, the Air Medal and is a member of the Infantry Officer candidate School Hall of Fame. His current fight against the Winter Soldier Investigation continues.

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