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Christians are quite aware they are commanded to "avoid the appearance of evil." The Vice President and President of the United States of America tell us they are Christians and to rest easy, they only appear to be dealing in evil. Is the Vice President in reality, the United States President of Vice?.Recently Vice President Cheney responded to a question about the awarding of no bid contracts to Halliburton. His response was that he has nothing to do with the awarding of contracts and would not know how to influence them. If I was Vice President and wanted to help a friend win a contract, I would call the friend and ask how I might help.

My friend would know exactly what to do. It doesn't seem all that difficult to me.To avoid the appearance of evil, Vice President Cheney should have resigned the day Halliburton obtained its first no bid contract for Iraq, or Afghanistan. On this day, the President should have requested he step down, if they would avoid the appearance of evil. Is it a coincidence these executives frequently speak of evil? Are they mirroring? That is, are they accusing others of faults they abhor in their selves?.

On one segment of the 25 January edition of 60 Minutes, we learn that a Halliburton subsidiary does business with terrorist supporting states. Does this mean the War on Terror is a money making fraud? Is that why the target of American justice was switched from Al Qaeda to Iraq as early as November 2001? New business for all our good buddies? It only appears that way. Don't you worry 'bout a thing, King George is on top of the world. Either these men are not Christian or evil has no appearance.Today is the 26th of January, 2004. I have been listening to primary campaign coverage on National Public Radio, waiting to hear which candidate is going to make Vice President Cheney and Halliburton a campaign issue.

Will all the candidates tiptoe around the issue till after the February primaries? Are American corporations doing business in terrorist supporting states, a non issue? Is all America going to pretend there is no evil in high places? Ask me in another month.A cold shiver runs down my spine as I consider there could be a Capitol wide cover- up taking place, in which Senators John Kerry, John Edwards and Joe Lieberman are taking part. If so, we can expect none of them to raise the Halliburton - Cheney scandal as a campaign issue.What a coincidence Senator Kerry should also have a very good interview segment on the same 60 Minutes program! Is it possible no one on Kerry's staff connected the Kerry interview with the story of terror profits? We will all soon know.

Maybe none of the Democratic candidates care about the appearance of evil either, and I am right about a Capitol wide conspiracy to hide the truth. The truth that seems so obvious to me; maybe evil only resigns under the threat of armed rebellion. (Which would be labeled domestic terror, of course.

) Fat chance of that, huh?.

.Ed Howes sought and found, knocked and entered. Now he sees things differently.

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By: Ed Howes

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