Equal Rights Includes Homosexuals

"Is there anything more fundamental to the commonwealth and this country than the principle that the power is reserved for the people, that government is the servant, not the master?" Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney Yes. Yes Governor Romney, there is something more fundamental to the commonwealth, to this country, to the rights of every human being on this planet than "the principle that power is reserved for the people." That fundamental principle that all men, ALL men are created equal. That includes gay men. That includes lesbians.

All men are equal if we really do hold these truths of our great nation as self evident. Democracy cannot be allowed to vote out equality. "Majority rule" cannot be allowed to vote in discrimination. Why then are you trying to do just that in Massachusetts? Why is the one state that has recognized the Right of all people who wish to be married, now poised to vote on a Constitutional Amendment to ban same sex couples from being wed? When will this country learn that you don't get to vote on human rights. The only way we can ban gay marriage is the tyrant's way. Stripping a man of his humanity.

Making him less equal, less worthy, less important than other men. Turning him from a person into an object, an animal, a freak. That is how you convince people to vote to rob someone of his rights. It has to stop.

I know many people feel it is morally wrong, a sin against god. It's still discrimination. The United States isn't a theocracy. The same laws that protect your right to your religious lifestyle choice must extend the rights for other people to live equally in this land. I know many people feel it goes against tradition. It's still discrimination.

We have always pushed past tradition in this country when it was the right thing to do. Ending slavery. Women's Suffrage.

The Civil Rights movement. All of these went against "tradition" and the world is better for it. I know many people feel it threatens the sanctity of marriage. It's still discrimination. Marriage is a wonderful thing, but we allow any straight couple to marry for any reason. Love, sex, children.

Money, boredom, stupidity. We allow serial cheaters to remarry. We allow convicted wife beaters to remarry. Somehow the institution survives. How then can we say that a loving gay couple would damage it? Enough. You are either for equal rights, or against it.

Period. It's time for straight people to stand up and say enough. It's time for us to move past the stigma of being labeled "gay" just because we support the rights of others to be who they are. We can't be in the closet as far as support anymore.

Tom Baker is a political commentator and co-founder of Bring It On! the award winning Liberal blog. Bring It On! covers the days political news with a unique blend or humor, insight and unwavering commitment to uncovering the real story behind the news.

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