Barack Obama a Candidate for Christians - See what Mr Barack Obama stands for as defined by his own voting record.

A Tale of Two Hurricane Cities - An essay comparing the devastation and recovery of New Orleans and Cancun after each was hit by a major hurricane within the fall of 2005.

Objections To A SinglePayer Plan In America - Film Maker Michael Moore's "Sicko" provides An Excellent Forum For Discussion Pertaining To The Current health Care Crisis In America.

Affordability of Solar PV Generated Electricity - A discussion of the origin and development of PV solar generated electricity.

A Job Description for Congress - A look at the reasons why people disapprove of the US Congress -- and some ideas for postive change.

Should a global climate agreement hold the US to a higher environmental standard than the rest of th - An open question is should the US lead in environmental standards? A discussion is presented as to our environmental status today and the difficulties we will have in the future.

Martin Luther King Quotes To Light The Way - Martin Luther King Jr.

Alternatives to Torture - Do we have all the answers? If we know so much, why do we have to torture people to find out what they know? Why don't they tell us? Is it because they know less than we do? Internet Author Mike Scantlebury is good at putting the questions.

Conflict of Interest between Drug Companies and Doctors - This article deals with the blatant conflict of interest between physicians and drug company's who use guerrilla marketing techniques to influence a doctor to write prescriptions for their latest designer and very expensive drug, often without proper testing for side effects and dangerous interactions with other drugs.

George Washington Quotes to Remember His Birthday - When it comes to quotes, the most patriotic of the patriotic, the most inspirational of the inspirational and the most leading of the leadership are George Washington quotes.

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