The Campfires of Fools

While Obama, Clinton, and McCain tell their flag-waving supporters about what a wonderful country we have and they all sing out "God Bless America", these politicians know, if the others don't, that at that very moment evil is taking place in Guantanamo Prison and in a half dozen other prisons as it did in Abu Ghraib. Let us all be grateful that this Jehovah, like Allah, is only a paper god, because a god who went to the trouble to carve the Ten Commandments in stone would make it clear to us that it was not the Ten Suggestions that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai. The United States, with the exception of the first twenty-five years or so of its beginning, has never been what we have laid claim to, but it did at least bear a resemblance to the image that was disseminated to the world. Nevertheless, the desire for control and the fear of losing this newfound diamond in the rough began the slow process of undermining every decent principle this country was built on.

Still, brave men and women with more integrity than greed did a reasonably good job of keeping the ungodly, self-serving sociopaths from seizing total control. That all ended the moment George H. W. Bush and his gang sit up shop in the Oval Office in 1981. The old actor, Ronald Reagan, was hired to play the part of headmaster, and he gave an Academy Award performance; but policy, especially foreign policy, was not his to command.

Those policies were drawn up in the basement of the Department of Defense and were implemented by the Central Intelligence Agency. Having worked in the sewers of the Federal government since 1958, I can tell you that it's not humans, but pit vipers that crawl in and out of the CIA headquarters located in Langley, VA. One can only pity the uneducated young fools who consider Osama bin Laden the creator of terrorism. Official documents from the U.

S. government, formerly classified as Top Secret and Eyes Only for the President, were recently declassified, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. These documents indicate that between October 1960 and April 1961, in Cuba alone, the CIA introduced 75 tons of explosives in 30 secret aerial missions, and 45 tons of weapons and explosives in 31 Marine infiltrations. These materials were used to perpetrate 310 attacks with bombs, derail 6 trains, and set fire to 150 factories and 800 plantations. Between 1959 and 2003, more than 800 terrorist attacks were performed, including 78 bombings against civil populations and 61 airplanes hijacked. These documents also linked CIA agent and Cuban exile, Luis Posada Carriles, with many terrorist attacks, including the bombing of a Cuban airliner in 1976 that killed 73 people.

As for biological aggressions, the African Swine Fever Virus was introduced, forcing the sacrifice of half a million pigs. During the "Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations", the dengue hemorrhagic fever was introduced, affecting about 344,203 persons, with the record case of 11,400 who fell ill in a single day-July 6, 1981.

Like all other humans on earth, I cannot present one ounce of proof that humankind was ever destroyed by a flood. I suspect this interesting little story about Noah and his Ark is like the Jonah and the whale yarn, meant to be used for entertainment only, not fodder for a holy book. But, let there be no doubt that the right-wing idiots' jokes about global warming will wilt and crumble right along with their great, great grandchildren. Be it God or man, the world as we now know it will be changed forever by the campfires of fools.

Bob Miller of Florence is now known as one of America's most controversial writers. Miller experienced the brutality of war, as he was a pilot in Vietnam War. Now, through the websites www.serveyournation.com/ and www.bobmillerwrites.com/articless.htm he writes controversial articles to stop War and save the nation from dying for nothing.

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