Illegal Aliens and Paper Card Social Security Cards

One of the big problems with illegal aliens is that they can so easily get forged documents and fake ID cards. For instance consider those stupid pathetic little Social Security Cards that the government gives out?.Flimsy little paper cards that anyone could reproduce on a laser printer or probably a bubble jet Cannon BJ200 which you can buy at a garage sale for about $15.00 and ink re-filler cartridges for about $13.93 which should be enough to make about 250 pages of 8-10 cards each or about 2000 to 2500 fake Social Security ID Cards. Dah? Should we go to biometric ID cards as mandatory?.

Absolutely. I am for a Bio Metric ID card, which is fair and allows us to know who is who. Come legally, streamline process and we all stay friends. Heck over 2/3 of all Hispanic Folks have genes, which go back to European Spain. We all have the same sharing of genes, if you go back 400 years. This is silly.

We cannot allow "illegal aliens" we need a better streamline system. The ID cards are a good start. I do recall that this was mentioned by the President and several other high-ranking folks in government and in the legislature on both sides of the isle and it makes perfect sense. And it is completely fair too.


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By: Lance Winslow

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