Illegal Alien Boycott May Scheme Out of Gay and Lesbian Playbook

The illegal aliens from Mexico are going to teach all Americans a lesson on May 1, 2006 and they are taking a strategic plan right out of the Gay and Lesbian community's playbook; they planned to boycott of American companies on that day and spend no money. They also plan to not go to work. This is excellent because this will show Americans that truth about the Hispanic dollar and about which companies hire illegal aliens.For instance; if your local carwash is not in business on May 1, 2006 he is because no illegal alien showed up to work and this will alert you, as the United States citizen to boycott that carwash for the rest of your life because they do not care about the laws in our country.

And would rather exploit illegal aliens began to higher college kids and high schoolers looking for their first job.It is completely irrational for the good citizens of United States of America to put up with this crap and respect the illegal aliens, when they come to our country and protest, waved their Mexican flags in our streets and in our faces, plan and economic boycott, spit on our flag and then expect us to go out of our way to change the law to give them amnesty after they broke our laws coming over here without apology.Additionally, they have boycotted their own country by coming here and now they wish to boycott our country.

If they do not stand for integrity to bloom where they are planted and make their country better place, why should we trust them now when they come here and tell us how to run ours. I am sorry if I am to blunt, but the hypocrisy of all this stinks. Consider this 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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