The Boss Endorses Barack Obama - Folk rock legend Bruce Springsteen endorses Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

Barack Obama Suspected of Plagiarism - Democrat presidential hopeful Barack Obama from Illinois is accused of plagiarizing speeches from a 2006 speech by Deval Patrick, the Democratic governor of Massachusetts.

Science Fiction Weapon Comes True - The research and development arm of the Department of Defense (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency or DARPA) is developing a weapon called MAHEM.

Alicia Keys Blames Gangster Rap on the Government - Grammy Award winning singer Alicia Keys believes the U.

Militias Increase Their Presence Online - Several militia movements are now present on some of the more popular sites, marking an end to perceived activities done in secrecy.

Interpretation of the Equal Pay Act Clarified - During a session on April 23, 2008, the Republican block of senators voted to turn down the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

The Folly of Making Ethanol from Food Crops - The article looks at the failure of corn ethanol to become a petroleum substitute.

Passion and the Democratic Party - Why this primary season and the upcoming general election means so much to the author.

Presidential Hopefuls Get Ready to Rumble - 2008 Election candidates? face-off in the professional wrestling ring at WWE?s Monday Night Raw in April 21, 2008.

United They Stand Divided They Fall Barack and Hillary - At least this year?s Presidential race hasn?t been boring, but I am just not sure that we are getting anywhere.

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