Passion and the Democratic Party

I was recently reviewing some comments to one of my articles published on the net and noticed one comment mentioning how "passionate" I seem to be about this primary season. And they are absolutely right -- I am. There are many reasons for that passion -- foremost is the direction I have seen our country go since the beginning of the Bush administration. My father, my uncle and my only male cousin all gave their lives for this country -- for the rights we have as Americans.

But with a few Presidential signing statements or things just not told to Congress, I have watched those rights eroded -- little by little, bit by bit. I have seen the war in Iraq -- an unnecessary war -- which destroyed a country and killed 4000+ Americans and by some estimates 800,000 Iraqis' (most of them innocent). I have seen bad decision after bad decision trickle down to me -- to one layoff after another until now I can only get temporary or contract assignments which have no healthcare insurance.

I have two chronic medical conditions -- so ask me if I am better off than I was seven years ago. I have seen my life go from being really great with a stable income and insurance to a battle just to continue to live day after day. I am one of those people who has to split medications in half so the prescriptions will last longer. I have had to work under bosses who have absolutely no business in a civilized society much less supervising staff. So, after working for people who have no idea how to run a business and to save gas -- I have started my own small business working on the internet from home.

Thank God my family believes in me for I have had to totally depend on them to keep everything going. Soon, I am applying for a small business grant or loan from the government but I am sure with the Republicans in charge that will be a total nightmare also. I have watched while millions have lost their homes because of predatory lending companies selling very creative financing and also because so many owners have seen their jobs shipped overseas. I have also seen a surplus turn into a massive debt owned by countries who we have issues with. Example China -- we owe them trillions and we have trade problems with them.

Now, you tell me, how do we go to our "banker" and complain about the way they are "running their other businesses". China uses the interest we pay on the debt to buy oil from the Sudanese government and remains Sudan's major weapons provider -- weapons which are passed down to armies who continue the genocide in Darfur. I have sat and watched one of our major cities destroyed by a hurricane and the government waiting a good week to help the people who lost everything. What I still don't understand is if the news could show video of dead bodies floating in the flooded streets of New Orleans, why couldn't our government get there faster with water and other supplies? (Heck of a job, Brownie!) Passionate - - passionate??? No -- actually I am damn angry ' I want my life back, my stable income with my healthcare benefits. I am angry and I have no idea what to about it except to make sure that the next president will at least be a person who has a clue what is going on in this world.

And I guess if that doesn't work, I will join the movement to replace our government, which our Constitution tells us to do when the old government isn't working anymore. Copyright (c) 2008 Mary Ann Boulette.

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