United They Stand Divided They Fall Barack and Hillary

The Illinois senator and Democrat, Barack Obama has received the support of about 60 percent of voters aged 18-24 in the most competitive states, indicated by exit polls. His advantage with that group does not appear to be waning as he heads to Pennsylvania, a state known for control by older voters. In Philadelphia, where more than 100,000 college students live, Obama volunteers with voter registration forms in hand headed to the campuses and train stations around the university a recent University poll found Obama leading Clinton 51 percent to 42 percent among likely Democratic voters ages 18-44 in Pennsylvania, but trailing nine points overall due to Clinton's popularity with the older voters. Clinton and Obama are both aggressively seeking out African-American voters, who are torn between their loyalty to the Clintons and their excitement over the prospect of the first black President. Aside from Obama's strong base of support among black voters, young voters are his strongest group. It will take all Democrats uniting when November comes around, and I am just not sure that either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton can do it on their own.

There have been so many harsh words between the two that I am not sure if they could make amends and do what is best for the Democratic Party this election year. Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd says the war of words between Senate colleagues Clinton and Obama is undermining Democrats' ability to win the presidential election and I am in agreement with him on this.

I am not sure which one I would choose to be the Presidential Candidate and which one to be the Vice-Presidential Candidate, they are both capable, but I am just not sure that our country is ready for either of them on their own. I think our country is in desperate need of a change, a breath of fresh air, so to speak; but when it comes down to it; will we be afraid of too much change too quick? It's an exciting time in the history of the United States; if either Hillary or Obama win the Presidential election, it will be a first for our country. It will also be a great challenge for the future President; we are still in Iraq, with no end in sight, our economy has taken a downturn like we haven't seen in awhile. Fuel will be a critical issue for the United States immediately and in the future. I just hope that whoever wins the election in November is prepared for what they have gotten into for all our sake. Tell Me Your Idea is a site where you can debate politics and share your views on issues that are important to you.

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