Militias Increase Their Presence Online

Militia members become more open about using technology to garner attention and recruits. Several militia movements are now present on some of the more popular sites, marking an end to perceived activities done in secrecy. Despite the tradition of secret societies and militias, several of these groups are now emerging to declare their beliefs and philosophies. One example of a militia group reaching out is the Michigan Militia. While several militias now have their own websites that each proclaim what they stand for and what their intentions are, the Michigan Militia is by far the most active and the most prolific when it comes to its Internet content.

Aside from its own website, the group also has profiles on social networking sites. It has a YouTube profile, a MySpace account and a Facebook profile. Most of the content generated by the group is meant to show the world the good and productive site of militias, aside from enticing any possible new recruits. The group regularly posts about scheduled activities, training schedules as well as preparedness and survival knowledge.

There are also several videos and photos of the group's members, most of the time as they are engaging in one of the militia's various scheduled activities. Non-members of the group can choose to attend any of the activities sponsored by the militia. They may attend one of the many activities just to join a target shooting contest, be a part of a tactical or survival training, or learn about safety and first aid (which are also taught by the Michigan Militia), they may also use these venues online to join the militia. Militias began to form publicly in the early 90's as a reaction to social and civil unrest.

Citizens concerned with the way the government was handling urban and military conflict began to form their own movements in an effort to protect themselves against possible future attacks. There was a decline in membership during the late 90's. However, activity picked up again after the Sept.

11 attacks. Most militias focus on being prepared to arm themselves in order to protect their rights and their country. To remain protected, they train themselves to be good shooters, combat preparedness on different environments, form strategies, and learn the best they can about first aid and protection as well as accumulate legally licensed firearms. Other militias that have a palpable presence on the Internet are the Unorganized Militia, Kentucky State and Kentucky Constitutional Militia as well as the Georgia Militia.

Barbara Ross is a writer for Militia Net and a contributor to the Militia Groups directory. Barbara also contributes to Famous Quote.

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