Hibernian Rothschild Complex

FIGHTER OR DOUBLE-CROSSER?:.Abraham Lincoln was a member of the Rosicrucian Council of Three. This is a very important fact that you will not find in schools or the media portrayals of his life by the paradigm purveyors of history. It is far more than just being a member of some old boys club as many American Presidents are in order to get elected or to appeal to the widest market. I imagine some people could say it is no different than being a member of Skull and Bones like George II and Senator Kerry. It is far different! This was a steering committee that oversaw the foundation of the United States when its members were Thomas Paine, Ben Franklin and another signator of the Constitution by the name of Clymer.

In Lincoln's time there was another Clymer on this select committee along with Beverly Paschal Randolph. Peyton Randolph was a Royal or Noble man who was President of the Continental Congress or the United States before George Washington. The Randolphs brought Thomas Jefferson's father to their estate with his family when young Thomas was just two years old. Thomas Jefferson retired there and I think he was the father of Frederick Douglass. Obviously this requires a whole book or three to integrate and explain in terms of the genetic breeding and rituals engaged in these circles.

Paschal Beverly Randolph claimed to be a soul-continuance of Eliphas Levi in the same way Aleister Crowley claimed to be immortal in his soul and used the magical name Perdurabo. Crowley had a long list of occult luminaries he said he was back to the scryrer for John Dee. Crowley headed the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn for a while before his behavior embarrassed some of the well known people involved with it. This group has excellent books for learning produced by his personal secretary Israel Regardie. The Rothschilds like their de Medici kindred spirits who had the Corpus Hermeticum translated are always aware of the power in these circles.

In fact the HOGD is said to have been the personal coven of the Rothschilds.For people who do not know what hermeticism is, I should explain that it is what Rosicrucians are and they strive to learn the science called alchemy. Few achieve that level of distinction as did Isaac Newton, Boyle and perhaps Dalton or others who headed the Priory of Sion and were members of the Stuart Royal Society. The Stuart Hibernians are above the Illuminati that the Rothschilds funded and were part of the founding membership. As the Borgia/De Medici they founded the earlier Illuminati group called the Alumbrados. Alumbrados means the same thing as Illuminati.

The Alumbrados founded the Jesuits with the aid of the Hibernian named Nostradamus who was protected by the De Medici king-maker Catherine. The Jesuits are involved with the death of Lincoln and the Rothschilds are their bankers.Some fundamentalist Christians and other uninformed people who foment fear will compare the illuminized or enlightened people inside these cabals and the Catholic Church to devil-worshippers. It is not the case.

Lucifer was Venus or a way to track the effects of the sun. The sun is vital to all life on earth in more than mere astrological terms. The Heliopolitans or sun-worshippers have a long history going back before the elites in their number started building Empires of greed and power.Thomas Paine correctly said Masonry is derived from the sun-worship of Druidry. Sun and 'son' or 'Sons of the Widow' and all manner of codes and tokens help these people judge others who are involved in these areas of study when they meet each other and make it possible for them to trust and work together quickly.

They have many and assorted other guides and insignia including the octopus and spider or Medusa with the maze. Thomas Paine was an Hibernian agent for the Stuarts at a very early age.That is a very brief synopsis that I hope you will check into if you doubt what I say.

It establishes the importance of Lincoln being in this select committee whether or not he was part of the special programming that Jefferson, Rumford and Paine received. It leads me to the title of this brief segment. Was Lincoln a fighter when he went to war to do what the Rothschilds wanted in separating the United States into warring factions as we know Prince Otto von Bismarck said? Did he change sides and go against them as they amassed troops in Canada and Mexico and continued their program of financial and armaments manufacturing? This program to squeeze the most money they could out of the public trough while claiming they were Physiocrats interested in the 'government that governs least governs best' is a 'play both ends against the middle' or Hegelian Dialectic. It is very sophisticated and the majority of scholars and bureaucrats are not able to even see how much they are manipulated by it. I think Lincoln did a great thing as he went against the program to divide the United States.

I think he was assassinated for it.

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By: Robert Baird

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