San Francisco Gun Ban Knocked Down

San Francisco Superior Court Judge James Warren struck down the new San Francisco gun ban. The law originally stated that all handguns in the San Francisco city limits were against the law. The Superior Court Judge said that the law went against the second amendment. San Francisco did not and does not have the right to ban any legal firearm from a law abiding citizen.

The San Francisco Police Department opposed the ban. The SFPD thought that the law went against the rights of San Francisco citizens and they were not allowed to carry a firearm when they were off duty. The National Rifle Association also opposed the ban.

Wayne LaPierre the Executive Vice President of the NRA said that the Proposition H was an ill-covered plan to get rid of all firearms. I have to agree with him.Some have stated that the law when passed by voters was designed to fool them into thinking things that were not true. Some citizens are saying that they were misled by their politicians. This is how the elected officials do business in San Francisco.

I'm sure there are some good officials there, but the bad ones over shadow the good.San Francisco is one of the most liberal places in America. Berkely, California falls close behind. One of San Francisco's city councilmen said on Fox News recently that we do not need a military. He refused to apologize for the comments and he was even asked if he mis-spoke. After given the opportunity to retract his statements numerous times, he continued to spill the left wing propoganda.

One day San Francisco will have to wake up and take accountability for their actions. Some don't want a military, and some don't want guns, some want anarchy, and some want peace, and some just want to move. San Francisco is a lovely city with a lot of rich history. It would be a shame if they were to continue down the road of craziness.

San Francisco, do the rest of America a big favor, get with the program!.

.Jeffery S. Miller is the author of the Higgins Series.

Miller was called the "Voice of the People" by his radio listeners on his political program. Feel free to visit his site at http://www.freewebs.com/jefferysmiller.

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By: Jeffery S. Miller

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