Alien Invasions from Secret Space

I lived a somewhat isolated life through the many years of research on the ancient astronaut of the sixth century, pretty much wholly unaware of what was going on in the outside world with respect to UFOs, alien abductions, and the like. I had deceived myself into thinking that my ancient astronaut theory was unique and well-substantiated, and that it would quickly find some recognition from among the world's intellectuals. Recently, a couple of Secret Space DVDs enlightened me on the reality of aliens in our contemporary world. The two DVDs came to us via regular mail from a British film director, as payment for granted permissions to make free use of the material on my website for a future project or projects.

From those DVDs, I learned that aliens are nothing special, that human history is saturated with alien invasions, hundreds of them, and that such invasions have occurred on every continent and in every epoch of world history. The alien invasions continue to this day. It seems that NASA and the US intelligence agencies are supplying this film director, possibly on a daily basis, with film of alien spaceships invading our planet, and the director quickly turns to display that footage to us. Beyond the UFO films, it looks like the US government also provided this film director with wide-ranging top-secret reports, detailed reports from the US military on how they used laser beam weapons to shoot down several alien spacecraft, reports from US scientists on how they back-engineered the technology found in the remnants of the downed alien spacecraft, reports from US astronauts in space about spotting alien UFOs all over the place, and a report, evidently dating from the early 1970s, from US astronauts on the Moon about having seen a row of alien spaceships parked along the edge of a crater. It was unclear if the US government also provided the director with the faked pictures of the lunar landing in 1969 or if he got them from another source. In any case, I see nothing wrong with NASA trying to commercialize the historic event by selling fake pictures to cover aspects of the event not filmed directly.

The Secret Space DVDs revealed to me one underlying and undeniable truth: no branch of the US government, its military or intelligence agencies, has ever had any contact with aliens whatsoever, and no branch of the US government is covering up anything. When the US government initiated the alien disinformation campaign decades ago, it was widely believed that contact with aliens was forthcoming and that this could prove harmful. Contact with aliens is no longer believed to be imminent; nonetheless, the US government rigorously continues the disinformation campaign just as a precaution. Of course, contact with civilized aliens could still prove harmful.

For example, it could harm the US government's plans to continue the slaughter in Iraq, and it could harm the US government's plans to put nuclear weapons into orbit. Indeed, with the need to come to grips with extraterrestrial life, people are likely to become far less tolerate of human beings killing each other, and we might also witness a surge in war protests from around the world. I congratulate the US government on their brilliant alien disinformation campaign.

Some of the world's top-ranked psychologists must have been hired to assist them. Fifty years of fabricated UFO sightings, false alien abductions, faked cover-ups, and so forth, have discredited the aliens in the public mind, to the point that a real alien, when and if one should ever appear, may be wholly ignored. In fact, this brainwashing of the masses campaign was so successful that if a real alien spacecraft were to come to Earth and then hover directly on top of the White House, they could probably succeed in explaining it away as just a secret experiment for presidential security. In past times, people were burned at the stake for merely believing in the existence of extraterrestrial life. There seems to be less burning at the stake these days, but other than that, nothing has changed. Then, as now, extraterrestrial intelligence remains the most terrifying obstacle for war-minded humans.

Naturally, the US government has taken measures to protect its military activities from all harm. With alien spaceships now fully discredited, the only real danger for the US government is that an astronomer somewhere or another will pick up a clear, unmistakable signal from aliens in deep space. As a precaution against this devastating possibility, the US government, a long time ago, pressured the world community into agreements whereby, in the event any astronomer picks up an alien signal, that signal would have to undergo prolonged scrutiny by the US intelligence agencies before it could be announced to the world by the United Nations. SETI astronomers be forewarned. The US government does not take kindly to anyone or anything that could upset their war plans, and there can be no guarantee that the United Nations will ever announce your discovery.

By Morten St. George, creator of the ancient astronaut website CrypticThinking.com. More information on his theories can be found at Aliens: Where SETI Astronomers Can Find Them and Decoding Book Resurrects the Ancient Astronaut Theme.

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