Abuse of Democracy in the Philippines

The democrat move to impeach President Arroyo is an abuse of democracy. It shows political immaturity and a dangerous shift of priorities of our Congress and Senate from real issues, like the social welfare, destruction of the environment, low funding for education, and other important and urgent matters.Perhaps the media is partially responsible. Most news services cover the impeachment proceedings, and many have expressed their dismay at the Congress's misuse of political power as well as at the people's wrong use of democracy.

When Congress people and other people use their freedom of expression to turn a yet-to-prove electoral fraud into a major mess, it must be for a reason. Obviously, their motive is purported to be genuine and sincere, yet it's pretty obvious that the party line division of the voting makes it a political power play. Once again, their greed is revealed.

The untold truths cause far more damage to society and the environment. Shouldn't the government get out of these issues and get back to working for the common people?.The impeachment movement has done tremendous and extensive damage to the productivity of the government. This is a far greater damage to the integrity of the government. The impeachment movement worsens the scenario.

Preserving the institution of the law in this case has become the shield of the greedy hoodlum government figures, when in the everyday lives of the people, it looks like a lynch mob ? as shown in the television everyday, every time. When the government spends huge amounts of time, money and effort on such a trivial issue, it shows a disrespect of the common people and the real issues.It's just but great that the impeachment case which was filed against President Arroyo had died a natural death. This shows some development of political maturity in the country, as the president mentions. But for me, probably it is just that the people of this nation are fed-up of using democracy in the wrong context ? at last, they have finally realized it.


The author is a student in a prestigious college in Manila, Philippines. He is fond of writing articles about any topic.

By: Ron Jara

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