SEC Needs Rules and Regulations Overhaul

The Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC needs a complete overhaul of the rules and regulations. They are hurting the little guy and they are not helping the investor or consumer. With all the massive over disclosure and Sarbanes Oxley rules it is costing corporations millions of dollars each year to comply.This does not help the investor but rather hurts the investor because those costs must be passed on and that means higher fees and in the case of money managers, it means reduced commissions to brokers and financial planners who manage money.

Thus many are leaving the industries. It means lower corporate earnings and less shareholders value, no body wins by the government in extortion fines, the lawyers in lawsuits and accountants, of which there is now an artificial shortage thanks to over regulation.The Securities and Exchange Commission needs rules and regulations overhaul to help American businesses and this will prevent more off shoring of American companies and prevent more outsourcing to foreign nations. The costs to comply with all these ridiculous, brain dead and moronic rules and regulations The Securities and Exchange Commission is hurting our economy and our American businesses and that is not right.We can not regulate morality and a we need not to make rules for this stupidest person in our nation, which just happens to be all those bureaucrats and lawyers who work at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

That is my opinion and I think you guys are all idiots and are ruining our country. And since you cannot backup your argument on this issue, I declare victory and further add my opinion that you are more akin to international terrorists and pond sum than resembling Americans. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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