Where Have All The War Jobs Gone - The Iraq war has cost us all a great deal.

Why Are All The War Jobs Being Outsourced - After the thoughtless campaign in Iraq, the deaths of over 4,000 brave US troops, and countless Iraqi civilians and militants, there was some hope that the reconstruction effort might attract employment to the US economy.

Party Unity Is For Politicians Not The People - This Article Outlines a 12 Step Path To Liberation.

HB and SB A Model For America Starting In Pennsylvania - Universal Access To Health Care Is The Next Step For America, Starting Right here In Pennsylvania.

Alternatives to GM foods - Well, somebody says that GM foods are good for you, but wait a minute, isn't that the same person who sells it to you? Isn't that the same person who is ripping off Third World farmers, stealing fields from Canadian farmers and concealing the amount of GM in everyday purchases like rice and soya? Uh, do they have my best interests at heart? Or is it their own interests that weigh most heavily? Who's the puppet, and who's pulling the strings?.

If You Want Government to Listen Youve Got To Make the Ask - Getting legislators to listen doesn't have to be difficult.

John McCain for President Yeah Right - Can't stand the thought of voting for John McCain? You could do something about it besides hold your nose.

Breaking the OPEC Chains - The world is entering the period when petroleum reserves are being depleted and transportation fuels are becoming scarce.

Workforce Development Programs Miss the Mark - A real look at this country's youth workforce development efforts from a top expert.

AntiTerrorism Defending Against Terrorism - Terrorism has now reached the point that it has entered into every aspect of daily life.

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