Debate on Torturing International Terrorists

For those who wish to debate the issue of torturing the International Terrorist murderers and say it is not humane? I wonder if they have thought this thru completely. If someone has a better way to deal with this issue, then I say to thee, well then; Why not go confront them, tell them you are an American and tell them to have a little "Time Out" and think about a less violent approach? Mention you come in peace, you know tell them you are a Christian American or something peaceful see how long you last? Whether or not you are a Christian is immaterial you will get their point, the sharp end of it?.Remember these International Terrorists seem to fancy cutting off the heads of their innocent civilian victims. So we must fight fire with fire? Simple Really.

Generally if one were to debate this topic with a "Liberal" they will try to personally attack you; make references comparing you to Hitler. They all do it, it is a silly bunch of hokum really? They deny us our freedom and safety and personify the sub-human murderous international terrorists.You see there a many liberals, who rather than address the issue will complain about your grammar; to belittle you? Yet, offer absolutely no constructive solution to the problem, as if they think that will help their position, which is completely shallow, close-minded and blind to fact. Instead of answering the question they will turn the debate into a spelling bee? They will attempt to attack your knowledge of history even if you give facts, they will deny them and give you their version of history, an academia one; purported modified history.The liberals would have you believe that International Terrorism is the Western World's fault, President Bush's sole doing or blame it on the fact that the Muslims are persecuted? That is silly hogwash indeed. Those who commit murderous acts are sub-human and therefore we should be using sub human tactics to prevent them from 9-11, Madrid and other bombings, with whatever means possible, including torture when absolutely necessary.

There can be no debate that these murderous International Terrorists must be stopped ASAP.

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By: Lance Winslow

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