How The Power Of The People Can Affect World Peace

It seems that many people are convinced that the rich and powerful have enough money to run our country. The truth is, nothing ( including our politicians, governments, religions, corporations and businesses) can survive without the constant flow of money and labor provided by the masses of people. Therefore, the people are the real power in this world when they function as a collective group because they can control the flow of money.

In regards to building the foundation for World Peace through the establishment of a system of International Law and Order, which would be based on Human Rights, the people working together as a collective group have the voting power and spending power to achieve World Peace simply by not voting for any politician or doing business with any business that does not publicly support the plan for World Peace, which we are providing and now pursuing. What would happen to any politician running for office if they were approached about supporting the plan for World Peace? Who would vote for a politician who is against World Peace, against their country being peaceful and civilized, against providing safety and increased survivability for the citizens, against securing the sovereingty of his country, against Human Rights, against freedom and democratic choice, or against the government functioning within a system of international law and order. Would any person willingly do business with any corporation or business that did want this world to be peaceful and civilized under a plan for World Peace. The people become very powerful when they speak as a collective group on issues, such as World Peace, Human Rights, democracy and democratic choice, and Law and Order because there is only one way to answer questions about those issues. Politicians follow the popular issues as do businesses and making World Peace the popular issue will make our politicians and corporate leaders respond to the people on the World Peace issue, and what do you think they will say? The people become the power when they unite for one goal that serves the good of all people. The people always win when they unite their power for logically and morally right and just causes that serves the good of all people because they can always find ways to stop supporting any politician or corporation that attempts to stop them from achieving their goals.

Our Plan for World Peace will be successful only if the people are willing to unite and support it. I have been ask to simplify, or by using the fewest words possible to explain the main point in our theory for creating a system of World Peace through the establishment of a system of International Law and Order. Here goes, the key word is ? civilized?. To be peaceful, you must be civilized. To be civilized, you must function within a system of law and order. For this world to be civilized and peaceful, it must function within a system of International Law and Order and the by-product would be Peace in this world.

Hows that for simple? It doesn't have any more complicated then that. All animals are born with the natural survival instinct, including humans. All humans instinctivly know their survivability rate increases dramatically when living in healthy, peaceful, and civilized enviorments.

Early man was smart enough to figure out if humans were going to live together and survive, there was going to have to be some rules to live by. The same holds true today because if we are going to live together and survive in this new global society, there will have to be some rules to live by. We are not inventing something new here, just trying to wake up and re-use the known and proven natural human civilizing process needed to finish civilizing this world. The systems of law and order are responsible for providing more Peace and Human Rights then any other known factor in history. Understanding that should steer us towards establishing a system of International Law and Order as a means to solve our Peace issues.

Establishing a system of International Law and Order would open the door to solving a multitude of problems facing the world today. Basically, what we are trying to do is wake up the natural civilizing process for one more job. Once that civilizing process is awake, it will naturally lead us to a system of International Law and Order to establish Peace because there is no other better option.

Now, all we need to do is decide if we want to be civilized and be willing to do our share when the process starts. One more point. Each person on earth holds one part of the peace for this world. That part of the peace each person holds is worthless until it is united with the other parts. Refusing to join causes for establishing Peace in this world greatly hinders the process to establish Peace.

Peace on earth will be achieved when enough people contribute their part to the Peace process. What are you doing with your part? Copyright (c) 2007 We Want World Peace Organization all rights reserved.

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