Move Washington DC to New Orleans - Due to the lack of ability of the State of Louisiana to protect her citizens, due the lack of New Orleans to beef up their levee system in the last 35 years and due to the inability of the Governor of the State of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Or.

Dying to Vote in Mississippi Part I - By 1965 concerted efforts to break the grip of state disfranchisement had been under way for some time, but had achieved only modest success overall and in some areas had achieved no success at all.

Howard Dean Political Rhetoric Heightened - Recently Democratic National Chairman and Spokesman and Governor of Vermont the smallest populated city in the Nation, Mr.

Drugs Is Education and Legalization the Answer - The illegal drug problems in the United States are very bad although seem to remain in the shadows; out of sight out of mind and thus are not discussed openly.

Hibernian Rothschild Complex - FIGHTER OR DOUBLE-CROSSER?:.

Read This Article if You Want to Stop Big Brother - Have you noticed the slow process of taking away of our civil rights? Have begun to think that ?Truth, Justice and the American Way? does not exist in America? Well you are not alone, as many people are walking up to this, although slowly.

Ethanol Water Pollution North Korea and Free Trade - Ethanol is a great way to produce fuel, great fuel to trade and It makes sense to grow your fuel.

Keep Your Eye on Your Local Village Trustees - You elect your local trustees, be they for your village, your schools or your library.

Justice Department Lied - Recently the United States Congress has received a report from the The United States Justice Departments Federal Trade Commission?s Consumer Protection Division?s Anti-Spam Group which states that there is a decline in SPAM.

We Won the War in Iraq and Now Democracy Will Prevail - Some will say that we cannot win the War in Iraq, which is rather silly and folks like Howard Dean need to stop purporting such a myth.

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