Move Washington DC to New Orleans

Due to the lack of ability of the State of Louisiana to protect her citizens, due the lack of New Orleans to beef up their levee system in the last 35 years and due to the inability of the Governor of the State of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans to help their own folks we should not give money to repair the city. We have no way of knowing the money will be properly spent, since that city is known for corruption. Instead we should allow them to sink or swim on their own. It appears that both the city of New Orleans and the Great State of Louisiana will be bankrupt due to Hurricane Katrina. Let them go bankrupt and then repossess the State, make it a territory of the United States and then fix the levees.We can then move all the looters to DC, which already has the highest crime rates in our nation.

All they do in DC is party and waste our money. Then move DC to the New-New Orleans. All the homosexuals can go to MartiGras and shove beads up each others anuses. They can run around naked in all their liberal decadence and everyone will be happy? They can all carry on business as usual, having gay parades every week; a continuous party, they don't do anything worthy of mention anyway.

Talk about corruption and fraud, these two cities are made for each other, if we merge them we can then allow for gay marriage? Think about it, yes I am completely serious.

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By: Lance Winslow

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