Justice Department Lied

Recently the United States Congress has received a report from the The United States Justice Departments Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Protection Division's Anti-Spam Group which states that there is a decline in SPAM. The decline is said to be up to nine percent and data from a company named MX Logic stated that the rate of incoming SPAM was down by that much. Yet we all know that SPAMMERS will often not send SPAM to those servers, which bounce them so this does not mean SPAM is declining, as that is simply not empirical proof.

The FTC demands empirical proof from businesses, which put out PR and advertising, yet carefully choose their favorable data without such. What a complete hypocrisy indeed.You see we were lied to by the FTC, which is part of the Justice Department when they touted for years their aggressive attack on SPAM. It seems that was all a fašade and now they report to Congress that it is down by nine percent? This is a perfect example of the "F_ _ _ The Consumer" way of life at the F-T-C.

These abuses of the pubic trust are the kinds of things government does to make American Citizens and the American Taxpayer mistrust the Blob of Bureaucracy. Why do we put up with this? We need a full investigation of who gave the FTC that data, where it came from, who gave it to who, who files the press releases and their complete background check re-evaluated and for those who have abused power, lied in reports or lied in Congress. We need prison terms and we need them now. No more lies. Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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