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Have you noticed the slow process of taking away of our civil rights? Have begun to think that "Truth, Justice and the American Way" does not exist in America? Well you are not alone, as many people are walking up to this, although slowly. It should be obvious to anyone who observes things that there is no justice in this country, it is all a fašade; anyone at any time could be labeled anything the government wants to call them, arrested and imprisoned and there is nothing you can do about. That is the fact.One of the biggest problems we face in our government is that we have humans involved in it and human lack ethical and moral fiber.

Those who claim to be of God and religion, hide behind that in our government much like the Catholic Priests who pretend to be of god and them molest, fondle and sodomize our innocent children. There is no difference. Did you know one-third of all police are corrupt? One-third of all politicians are corrupt, but of course one-third of a humans are corrupt and those who serve us are drawn from the same population base, so this is to be expected.Where as government enforces the laws on our people, businesses and non-profits they fail to use those same guidelines on themselves. It is the fox guarding the hen house and it is time to get the bad apples out.

If the government wants Sarbanes Oxley, more disclosures and puts business people in jail for violations of these rules. Then we must do the same thing in our government. If an agency has bad accounting or misappropriated monies, whether it is a typo, honest mistake or questionable act; then we must throw in jail the agencies bureaucrats, make them pay a penalty and allow the public class action lawsuits in the state of "Delaware" or wherever appropriate.We need a new court to hear these cases of government abuse, not Federal Courts run by them. But call them "Integrity Courts" and have mandatory minimum sentences for bureaucrats and thieves within those agencies. And if the crimes against those rules of law are in gross violation, for instance not getting a form completed on time or a budget correct; then close down the entire agency.

And why not, they do not do anything but slow down the forward progress of our nation. Can you honestly name one thing that the government does very well; besides waster taxpayer's monies? Name one other thing; I will give you 6-months to come up with one single thing, because that is how long it takes them to do any thing. Think on it and don't worry I love my country as much as you do.

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By: Lance Winslow

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