We Won the War in Iraq and Now Democracy Will Prevail

Some will say that we cannot win the War in Iraq, which is rather silly and folks like Howard Dean need to stop purporting such a myth. We already won the War in Iraq. Saddam's regime is gone, Saddam is in jail and currently going to trial for his abuses to humanity and murdering of his own people.

Currently my Brother is in Iraq, a US Marine, they know the job that must be done and are doing it. Iraq is going through what any nation goes through when it moves to a Democracy from a Dictatorship. Our security forces are keeping the citizenry safe and preventing an escalation of a civil war from some pretty bad apples. That is a noble cause indeed.

I am proud of all of them.In civil wars, guerilla warfare and civil unrest of this nature people die, both sides shoot real bullets. Saddam killed lots of people; he will now pay for that. A Democratic Iraq in the Center of the Middle East is something this world has needed for a long time.

The US Marines are getting it done; they know the importance and the responsibilities, as they volunteered to serve and are sacrificing to make it happen.We should feel humbled to watch their hard fought progress and thank all our men and women in uniform from all periods for the ability to sit here and chitchat about world affairs while typing into a computer, drinking coffee in our slippers. My brother does not want sympathy or pity, but he and his team would like your support and trust in their abilities and a thank you, would sure go a long way this holiday season.If for some reason he catches a bullet, he told me not to feel bad, because what he is doing there is that important.

So I wanted to pass that on to all of you here today. We won the War in Iraq and now Democracy will prevail in the Middle of the Middle East and it is about time, considering the regions history. Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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