Benefits of Petitioning Online - Petitioning online can allow millions to view, comment, and join your cause without the complications that exist in real life.

Thailands Military Multinational Support - Thailand has been a staunch ally of the United States for many years and has provided military support to many ongoing missions ? primarily in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Healthcare Crisis In Pennsylvania - The Healthcare Crisis In Pennsylvania Is A Good Representation Of The Crisis Across America, Today.

The US Tax Code An Open Letter to Madam Chairperson Pelosi - The United States tax code tries to accomplish two things at once: raising revenue, and redistributing wealth.

What George Lacks In Intellect He Makes Up For In Stupidity - The war in Iraq has seen the lives of 4,000 Americans destroyed for political gain.

Tony Blair Turkey and Iraq - US and UK strategies are Iraq are beginning to diverge.

A WellDeserved Spanking - Men have been seeking the Holy Grail for two thousand years.

Avoiding the Dont They Knows Effective Advocacy Messages - Advice for avoiding the "don't they know's" in communicating with elected officials.

Is There Anything More Disingenuous Than a Whining Petulant Political Party in America - Presidential elections provide a lot of humor when you can recognize the joke.

Petroleum the Triple Threat to World Economies - Global warming and climate change are caused by fossil fuel combustion.

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