What George Lacks In Intellect He Makes Up For In Stupidity

The war in Iraq has seen the lives of 4,000 Americans destroyed for political gain. Despite mass protests and vocal opposition to the war and the underlying reasons behind it, the powers that be have elected to pursue their personal agenda by proxy, spending lives like worthless dollars in a conflict that isn't necessary and hasn't been shown to be worthwhile. While the US economy nosedives into recession, the authorities are continuing to pump resources into the Iraqi war effort instead of supporting public services and improving the lives of ordinary Americans. The dollar is on its knees and the prospects of the average citizen look gloomier every day.

But at least oil prices are sky high. After creatively stifling the flow from Iraq, at least the US government has managed to push oil prices to record levels and regain some degree of control over international supply. The oil agenda underlying the war effort has cost America more than just its reputation. It's cost 4,000 families their most precious, and left countless more Iraqis in turmoil.

That's 4,000 proud families with sons and daughters engaging in a fight for freedom against Weapons of Mass Destruction and Al Qaeda ? that's 4,000 dying for the biggest government-sponsored lie in recent history. It has cost the US treasury billions, and dealt a crucial blow to democracy and freedom worldwide. The single-minded Bush administration war machine is nothing more than an international aggressor, circumventing international law to pursue its own illegal, immoral objectives. And the result? Death, destruction, chaos, and a global distrust and hatred of the America.

Bob Miller, one of the most outspoken opponents of the Bush regime, is a self-proclaimed 'Eisenhower Republican' and a Vietnam War veteran. Despite his political affiliations, Miller has rejected the reasoning behind the war in Iraq, and has been harshly critical of the foreign policy decisions of the Bush administration, which he says in no way incorporates the Republican ideal. "I do not understand Americans who put their political party before their country, but even more puzzling are parents who put jobs before their child's life. Some people are calling this an anti-war movement. I call it Don't Die For a Lie.

The Department of Defence is not about defence; it's the military-industrial complex, or more appropriately, Weapons of Mass Destruction Sales & Service". "It is a fact that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are the purest examples of the ideologies and trustworthiness of this ungodly and un-American group of empire builders calling themselves Republicans.".

Bob Miller, the awarded pilot for his service during Vietnam War is now one of America's most controversial writers. Miller, born in Florence, with his experience in war writes controversial articles in the websites www.serveyournation.com , www.kill-me-if-you-can.com , and www.angelzabar.com to stop war and prevent youth from dying for one man's greed.

Iraq War

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