Is There Anything More Disingenuous Than a Whining Petulant Political Party in America

Copyright 2007 Ed Bagley Presidential elections provide a lot of humor when you can recognize the joke. Every few days some new, outrageous flap kicks another outrageous flap off of the front page of our nation's daily newspapers. Now the Democrats are all upset that President George Bush threw out the 30-month prison sentence for former White House aide Lewis "Scooter" Libby but stopped short of giving him a full pardon. Some first class, heartfelt whining is par for the course among Democrats. It would be interesting to know just how many abortions-on-demand were performed in the amount of time it took for thousands of Democrats to moan and groan over this pass for Libby. The Democratic party is all about a woman's right to abort her mistakes and feel good about it.

The Democrats appear interested in the current uproar only because Bush chose not to let Libby do time in the slammer. It seems Libby's relief killed some of the joy Democrats and Secular Progressives had in seeing the nasty Republican Libby behind bars. All of this whining by Democrats has little to do with any sense of justice.

Democrats whine all the time; it is what they have become really good at since they cannot seem to get much else accomplished at the moment. Democrats had no problem with Bill Clinton lying and not doing time. Democrats had no problem with Clinton pardoning some really seedy people in exchange for contributions to his Presidential Library. But Libby, now that is a different story because he is a Republican.

I do not really care if Democrats whine and complain. They might be foolish enough to think that they have some edge on Republicans in the whining and complaining department, but they have been wrong about a lot other things too. Heck, I expect the Democrats to bawl like a 1-year-old baby with a dirty diaper that has not been fed for the past 12 hours. What I do care about is the righteousness with which the Democrats and Republicans do whine and complain. If you are a card-carrying Democrat with a capital "D" I bet you read right over the "and Republicans" in the last sentence.

Both political parties and their politicians do everything in a fit of righteousness, that is politics in America today. There is not a shred of truth or integrity in American politics. It is more a contest of egos and righteousness that never seems to stop.

If you like nitpicking, pettiness, blinders and a rush for glory become a politician. It is a high-paying profession that ignores truth, integrity and almost everything else that made America great. If you are a person of integrity and cannot stand to lie, cheat and steal, stay out of politics at almost any level, but especially the national level. About a month from now some well-known Democratic politician will be caught lying, cheating, stealing or playing with his pants down, and it will be the Republicans turn to whine and complain with all the righteousness an elephant can muster.

Politics is like a three-ring circus with the executive, legislative and judicial branches all clamoring for attention with their self-centered, self-absorbed personal agendas. Somebody should tell these clowns they are supposed to be representing us rather than themselves in their quest for fame, glory and money.

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