George W Bush Took the Only Road Available

Al Gore or John Kerry could have gone down several different roads to achieve the US objectives of controlling the oil reserves in Iraq. But without any leadership abilities, poor breeding, and being surrounded his entire life by some of the most sinister men on the planet, George W. Bush took the only road available to him. The invasion of Iraq in 2003 sparked one of the most serious errors of judgement in recent times. It was an invasion on the basis of an illegal weapons program that was threatening the stability of America and global peace.

The Iraqi operation turned up nothing other than violence, bitterness and heartache. On all sides, the losses have been a bitter pill to swallow. Yet the violence continues, and the death toll keeps on rising. So why are we still there? Public opinion is staunchly against the continuing war in Iraq. The general consensus is that the Bush regime should pull out of Iraq immediately to prevent further loss of life and strengthen the nation's chances of rebuilding after the disastrous war effort. In fact, the US military still has a presence in Iraq because the Bush agenda is still to be fulfilled ? namely profiting from the wealth of oil in Iraq and propping up the failing US economy.

The US dollar has been under threat from other world currencies, particularly the euro, as the currency of choice for international trade. Demand for the dollar has plummeted and even the oil trade is now being conducted in euros. The economy is plunging head first into recession, and the national coffers have been managed with the prudence and caution of?well, there has been no prudence or caution. Controlling the supply of oil from Iraq was a natural by-product of the war. By doing so, the US pushed the global price of oil up to record-breaking heights in an attempt to improve their economic situation. Meanwhile, the plentiful Iraqi oil supply furnished the US authorities with more than enough reason to remain in the country.

Being in Vietnam War, Bob Miller, born in Florence has experienced the harsh effects of Vietnam War as a pilot and hence wanted to stop this unwanted act of brutality. So Miller, explains the youth about the hidden truths of War through his websites www.serveyournation.com , www.kill-me-if-you-can.com , and www.angelzabar.com. Bob Miller writes controversial articles on Anti-War.

Iraq War

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