Abortion Legalized Child Sacrifice On The Altar Of Humanism

How ironic is it that millions of babies are murdered every year in the name of human rights? How is it that we, Americans especially, proudly call ourselves sophisticated and cultured while continuing to worship in the temple of humanism? Humanism is a god -- little "g". It is lustful and insatiable. Humanism is deceptive in its premise and destructive in its course.

Humanism is powerful enough to convince you that life is not life, death is not death, and that education and culture make you impervious to both of them. Humanism is a spirit that demands the daily and unrepentant slaughter of innocent lives while simultaneously singing "Kumbaya" and seeking world peace. If you are pro-choice, you should be crystal clear about one thing, abortion is murder. And, pre-meditated at that.

Period. Individuals have spent their respective lifetimes in prison over less. The only difference between you and someone on death row is one thing, the law. I dare you to try and explain pro-choice to a convicted murderer. They will most likely find your argument laughable.

I'm sure many of them would love to know how to write a law to justify their unjustifiable behavior. You don't want criminals living among you, but you want to engage in criminal behavior. Not criminal, you say? Oh, legal.

Forgive me. Legalized child sacrifice rather than criminal child sacrifice. Like I said, the only difference is that you've got the law on your side. At the heart of the lie that "abortion is okay because it's legal" are two very simple concepts: 1.

It's not a baby. 2. It's my body. Let's clear that up, shall we? In order for something, anything, to be born, it must be alive to begin with. Life does not evolve from death. Life is a force unto itself that has the power to create and sustain.

Death on the other hand, well, you get the picture. The ovum and the sperm are alive inside the contributing parties which means that any resulting offspring is not dead at its genesis, but very much alive. Possibly even more alive than you are, but at no point, less alive than you. Unlike a Chia Pet which has to be seeded and watered to grow, human development in utero is precipitated and facilitated by the force of life. Therefore, life has to always be present in that process, which is exactly the reason women get abortions, to interrupt life.

There's a name for that choice, it's called murder. "It's not a baby".case closed. As for the body bit, it's not your body and it never will be. The spirit of humanism - worship of all things human including self - dictates such a belief. However, just for the sake of argument, stop reading this for a moment (if you can find the strength to put it down) and try this.

Stop breathing until you die, then, bring yourself back to life. If you can do this, Congratulations! You are GOD. If you cannot do it, or if the thought of trying makes you weak in the knees, you've just gotten only a small taste of how much control you don't have over "your" body. If it's your body and you have so much control over it, then tell it not to get pregnant when you have promiscuous and unprotected sex.

But, don't exact your revenge on underdeveloped, defenseless, and innocent human lives; they can't help it if they wound up with you as a mother. The United States of America can count herself among the nations that is proud to legally practice child sacrifice. Yippee! For the record, did you know that in the Old Testament entire nations were wiped out for this very reason? What makes the USA so special? Nothing really. We will face the same judgment unless we get the abortion issue right, which means making abortion legally wrong. And, all of this while we whine about children working in foreign sweat shops making a penny a week.

In a day and age when "The Secret" is touted as an original compilation of universal wisdom, America should be universally recognized and, in fact, is recognized as a perpetual violator of every universal law by virtue of silent acts of complicity with regard to abortion. I sacrificed one of my own children on the altar of humanism many years ago, and I swore never to let it happen again. My healing and recovery, spirit, soul, and body, was long and often agonizing.

For the most part, I was entirely oblivious to the fact that some critical issues in my life were manifesting as a result of that single act. If you, however, still want to participate in this abominable national ritual either by observation or participation, like a bully beating up on the new kid, any inferred reference entirely intentional, take my advice and pick on someone your own size. Death row has a cell with your name on it.

Michele F. Richardson is a Spiritual, Personal and Business Consultant dedicated to helping others fulfill their GOD-given destiny. She draws on her own experiences to educate others. As a writer and motivational speaker, she confidently addresses societal issues including abortion. Visit www.michelefrichardson.com for more information or to schedule Ms. Richardson.

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