The Neurosis of Success

By using mind control can you induce a psychopathology is someone? Yes, but it will be hardly worth your time. It will take an immense amount of time to do it and pathological obsession is hardly the most "ecological" thing to do to people. It's also very likely that you'll develop someone who you will not want to be around because of the obsessive and irrational behavior to which you contributed.

That said there is no reason you shouldn't create the same psychopathology in yourself. Firstly, you would know exactly what you want and how to measure it. You would be aware of the reasons for doing it.

You would also be in complete control of the intensity and direction of your "madness". Let's begin with an assumption. The assumption being that we are all neurotic in one way or another. Our neurosis can effect us in many ways both to our benefit and to our demise.

One the one end of the spectrum a person can be obsessed in doing things perfectly in patterns of three. If each step of the pattern is not perfect or if it is done in less than or more than three nothing will get done. This neurosis can be a huge handicap toward someones success. On the other hand, let us assume that you are obsessed with the building of a life and lifestyle or accomplishing a great goal. Under those conditions a psychopathology of success would be quite useful. To do that is quite simple.

You must become obsessed. There are strategies to build that obsession and you must do them religiously and consistently in the same way an athlete trains. You must train your mind, nay, your whole awareness, toward that single end. Do you wish to be rich, have numerous lovers or gain fame? The first step you must do is clarify your goal in EVERY detail. This means that you must be able quantify your outcome or goal. You must be able to know when you have it.

Simply saying "I'll know it when I get it" is not enough. That is not a goal but a feeble wish. A wish will do you nothing. As part of this strategy take some time to visualized what you want.

Write it out in rich detail. Most importantly write out what you will get from having it. Write it out and meditate upon how it will effect all the aspects of your life. The more detail you give it the more you will understand what must be done.

Begin to talk to yourself, mentally at least, in a voice that is strong, supportive, forceful and authoritative. Let your inner voice tell you first that you are blessed by providence to achieve your goal. When you've develop a plan toward your goal have this inner voice command you what to do and remind you of the riches and rewards you will receive. To develop this psychopathology of success you must regularly put aside time to practice this. Whether it's an hour of daily meditation, while driving in the car or as you awaken in the morning it is this practice that will make the achievement of your goal your destiny.

As you do this something dramatic will happen. You will begin to feel what it is like to have it. That feeling will propel you further. You will begin to see that everything you do has a consequence that can lead you to your goal. What has been described is the positive strategy of this self created psychopathology. There is also a negative strategy that you can implement if you think you need to, but be warned.

By using it it's possible to become so obsessed that it may have adverse consequences in other areas of your life. This negative side is to create pain, fear and dread of failure. You would have to imagine yourself at a time in the future having not gone after your goal and being lost, destitute and an utter failure in life. Every mistake you would find yourself doing would demand a harsh berating from your inner voice followed by an impassioned plea to do better.

You would then, out of both fear of failure and desire for reward, rehearse what you would do next time. One individual used the image of being chased and beaten by skin heads to keep him moving. He said that it was motivating but frightening as well. If you combine the positive and negative strategies of this psychopathology of success you would create what is called a propulsion system that drives you like a force of nature to your goal. As a historical example, for a time in the 20th century the richest man in the world was Howard Hughs.

Hughs began life with a single quality that was both a blessing or curse, depending on how you think of it. He was a natural obsessive compulsive. This lead him to great heights and and it also lead him to the pits of despair.

For the sake of understanding the psychopathology of success we will focus on his achievements and how he directed himself to accomplish them. Howard Hughs from an early age had set ambitious goals for himself; movie maker, airplane pilot, business leader. He even had the goal of being one of the wealthiest men in the world. To accomplish all of these he made them his single focus.

Every action and movement was measured by whether or not it would help or hinder him. When his mind was set there was no fear or obstacle that would stop him. Only the progress to his goal mattered.

You, on the other hand, may well hope to accomplish great things but lack the natural obsessive compulsive tendencies of Howard Hughs. This is in fact a good thing because you can now create your compulsion exactly how you would want it. If you wish to be successful learning persuasion and mind control think of how it will benefit you. Make a habit of thinking about it that borders on the religious.

As you fill your mind with information you must also fill your experience with trials and achievements. This means taking what you learn into the real world and practicing them again and again and again, always looking for a better result.

JK Ellis is an author and researcher on the topic of mind control. He has written several book including "Perfected Mind Control - The Unauthorized Black Book of Hypnotic Mind Control" and "Mind Control 101 - How Influence the Thoughts and Actions of Others Without Them Knowing or Caring"
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