Liberal News Media Attack Rumsfeld Again Lance Rants

Well here we go again the news media and political liberal strategists are once again attacking Rumsfeld. What is interesting is they are using the same rhetoric they did back in 2001, as we went into Afghanistan to take out the "Talley Band" as Vice President Cheney calls them. How do I know, well I wrote it all down back then and here is an excerpt of what happened and how the Media Played it then."The news media seems to be upset that Mr. Rumsfeld is mad at them because they report stuff that they are not suppose to.

He has every right to be upset and the reporters and news media ought to be banned from this story all together for their snide comments about this issue. Look, if the media is not with us, then they are against us. If they do not like it, they should be attacked as the enemy and then they can report their own attack that ought to give them something to report and shut them up. They are screwing up entertainment dollars in their own industry, restaurant quarterly objectives and retail consumer buying behavior, because everyone is glued to the TV around the country and they just put on crap and some secret information. This hurts the stock market, your parent's portfolio and the US Economy, which we are working on fixing.For them to sneak around and use trickery to get people to tell them things or not tell them things and use that information, non-information to deduce the next attack to be launched then they are in fact guilty of insider trading type laws and therefore ought to be punished accordingly.

And foot the bill of any casualties or costs of delaying any strikes. They should pay the bill immediately, jail executives and lose privileges to have the PP plates or other media related perks.".

You see the media has been screwing up the American Military for as long as I can remember and they simply do not care. In fact much of the liberal Prozac, alcoholic reporters have their heads so far up their rear ends they will make stuff up just to get back at the Administration and Donald Rumsfeld whether it hurts the protection of the American People or not. So consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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