The Final Loss of Credibility

Here it is, the final loss of all credibility in complaints of how the US treats detainees, Prisoners of War, and militants. For years I have been listening to new report after news report of how badly the United States has treated hostile militants and how in hospitable we are to those under our care. For a while, I thought they may have some validity, but no more. I realize now, they are not concerned with the care of human beings nor the preservation of human life but are solely and 100% based upon the establishment of political posturing and a continuing effort to snatch defeat from jaws of victory. In 2004-2005, pictures from Abu Grab prison in IRAQ made headlines around the world prompting outcries from all opponents of the war.

This "inhumane" treatment was to be condemned and every member of the Bush administration was to resign from their posititions in udder shame for the actions of some soldiers. The pictures showed numerous detainees placed in embarrassing, humilitating, or intimidating positions which probably amounted to no more viciousness than a fraternity hazing party. Yet the outcry was deafening. Halfway around the world in Guantanamo Bay, the Prisoners of War are being detained while the battle continues in Iraq and Afghanistan. These POW's were the results of ended battles and raids with most of them being "hostile combatants" (the politically correct term for "Want to Kill Americans").

While these prisoners are given the ability to pray to their selected religion, food, water, shelter, and medical care, outcries from the predominantly Liberal Ideology have called for their release. Even in the US Legislative branches their have been moves to give these enemies of our country the rights of all US Citizens including a right to a trial complete with Lawyers, evidence, and proof of guilt. The outcry over this "inhumane treatment" is receiving a new focus as some of the prisoners recently committed suicide. In mid-2005, the US and Allied intelligence forces suffered yet another attack from the "humanity crowd" with the uncovering our a secret prison system in different countries used by the CIA and other intelligence gathering organizations for the internment and designation of some the planets worst human debris. This prompted yet another public outcry about inhumane treatment for detainees in US care as well as the knee jerk political posturing within the US Senate with the likes of John McCain introducing the no-torture act.

Everywhere we turn, it seems we are vilified for our lack of humanity but today the farce came to a sudden and grinding halt. The activists and warriors for the humane treatment of prisoners were exposed for the simple political whiners they were. Instead of clinging to the ideology they spout so hatefully at US policy, they instead became nothing more than political talking heads with a message of "We Hate Bush and the US". Today, 2 soldiers were found in Iraq.

The two had made headlines around the world as being capture by insurgency forces of Al-Qieda during an attack on check point. They were found dead, bodies mutilated, and presumably beheaded. In short, these POW's were tortured and executed, yet today, the advocates of "humane treatement" are strangely silent.

There is no breaking news calling for resignation of the Al Qieda leaders. No requests for investigations. No legislative pandering. No claims of violations against the Geneva Convention. Those who are calling for the removal of US forces from Iraq, the freeing of hostile combatants, and persecution of George W Bush as a war criminal have made possibly the greatest statement of their position without saying a thing. The double standard is tragic.

The life of a US soldier means so much less than those of the enemy and so ends the charade of "humane treatment" Just for fun, lets reverse rolls. If the US refused to give aid to captured combatants and instead systematically bound them, blind folded them, publicly tortured them, and then beheaded them leaving the bodies in the dirt for the flies to molest and the maggots to feast, how would the world react? Would the news coverage be different or would the outcry of "humane treatment" be heard again in loud wail of sorrow and agony? Why then, are we not hearing it now? My deepest thanks to the Soldiers of Unites States of America who have served or continue to serve to maintain the Freedom we hold so dear and my deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones in this conflict. Never has some much, been owed by so many, to so few.

Kelsey Hilderbrand is an avid shooter, hunter, collector, outdoor writer, and founder of High Mountain Hunting Supply

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