Consumer Protection Division at FTC Misrepresents Fact on SPAM

Is it true that the United States of America Department of Justice Federal Trade Commissions Consumer Protection Divisions Anti-SPAM Group has misrepresented facts to the United States Congress again? How can an agency with such a long name be a lie? What reason could they have in misrepresentation and deception? Could it be next year's budget? Are they trying to hide their dismal and piss poor performance from the American People?.Did they think for one second that the computer users in the United States and the Taxpayers would fall for such hokum? Do they think we are as stupid as they are? Do they think that all people have lead in their water like they do in Washington D.C.? Do they somehow believe that they are smarter than we are? That we might deny the observations and truth of the number of junk email SPAMs in our own in boxes?.Do they really believe they can pull a fast one on Congress, the Bush Administration and the American People too? Haven't they ever heard that you cannot fool all the people all the time? Don't they have the ethics to work in the Justice Department with the motto; Truth, Justice and the American Way?.

Should we just throw the entire Department of Justice Federal Trade Commissions Consumer Protection Divisions Anti-SPAM Group in prison for lying to the American People? You decide, as I have no comment on the matter. Think on it.

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By: Lance Winslow

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