Lt Thomas R Norris

One of the most revered veterans of the Vietnam remains Lt. Thomas R. Norris. He was part of several Vietnam Navy SEALs mission directives. He is known for his immense courage and sheer dedication to his country under some of the most trying circumstances.

Heavily guarded Quang Tri Province Lt. Thomas R. Norris is mainly known for his unsurpassed victory in being able to rescue 2 downed pilots from the severely enemy infested province of Quang Tri. On 10th of April in the year 1972, Lt.

Thomas R. Norris lead a team of 5 men on a Navy SEAL patrol to the province. This province covered an area of almost 2000 meters and every inch of it was severely guarded.

It was during daybreak that Lt. Thomas R. Norris was able to locate one of the two downed pilots. He then returned to the FOB or the Forward Operating Base. A day later, having borne the brunt of severe mortar and rocket attacks on the FOB, Lt.

Thomas R. Norris returned with his 3 remaining men to rescue the second pilot. Clever tactics Lt.

Thomas R. Norris was known for his presence of mind, even under the most difficult situations. On the 12th of April, Lt. Thomas R.

Norris and his Vietnamese friend disguised themselves as fishermen and went through enemy territory at night, while also using a sampan. After an extensive search during this rescue Navy SEALs operation, Lt. Thomas R. Norris and his Vietnamese friend were able to locate the second downed pilot at almost dawn. The return journey Lt. Thomas R.

Norris and the Vietnamese friend then covered the injured second pilot with bamboo as well as vegetation and then carefully made their way back. In the process of this most strategic Navy SEALs mission they were also able to successfully avoid a North Vietnamese patrol too. While they were coming near the FOB or the Forward Operating Base, they suffered heavy machine gun firing from the enemy.

In a battle of wits, Lt. Thomas R. Norris was able to call in an air strike which in turn provided for suppression fire as well as a smokescreen. Dedication and courage In spite of having faced such extreme opposition from the enemy and with limited resources, Lt. Thomas R. Norris was able to successfully save two downed pilots of the US Navy SEALs.

He displayed tremendous courage, dedication to serve his country and also displayed a great deal of presence of mind even under such trying circumstances. In this manner Lt. Thomas R.

Norris indeed enhanced some of the best traditions of the US Naval Service. Lt. Thomas R. Norris served many years in Vietnam during which his series of successive rescue operations have also been captured into a movie called BAT-21 which stars Danny Glover.

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